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Tag archives: Andrew Charlton

Coup anniversary: where are they now?

Crikey June 24, 2011 22 Comments

Paul Barry and Matthew Knott look back at the main players in the Night of the Long Knives: where are they now?

Utegate political whodunit

Mungo MacCallum June 29, 2009 5 Comments

There can be no doubt that Rudd emerged triumphant, and Turnbull severely damaged. But the question remains: who set up the caper in the first place? And almost as importantly, why?

How stupid does Glenn Milne think we – and Andrew Charlton – are?

Possum Comitatus June 22, 2009

The Oz's Glenn Milne is alleging that Andrew Charlton -- doctor, author, PM’s economic advisor and Rhodes Scholar -- was so stupid that he voluntarily gave Malcolm Turnbull the nod that his political strategy to bring down the PM was on the right track!!!?! Horseshit, says Possum Comitatus.