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Andrew Charlton

Andrew Charlton

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Coup anniversary: where are they now?

by Matthew Knott and Paul BarryJun 24, 201122 Comments

Paul Barry and Matthew Knott look back at the main players in the Night of the Long Knives: where are they now?

Utegate political whodunit

Mungo MacCallumJun 29, 20095 Comments

There can be no doubt that Rudd emerged triumphant, and Turnbull severely damaged. But the question remains: who set up the caper in the first place? And almost as importantly, why?

How stupid does Glenn Milne think we - and Andrew Charlton - are?

Possum ComitatusJun 22, 2009

The Oz's Glenn Milne is alleging that Andrew Charlton -- doctor, author, PM’s economic advisor and Rhodes Scholar -- was so stupid that he voluntarily gave Malcolm Turnbull the nod that his political strategy to bring down the PM was on the right track!!!?! Horseshit, says Possum Comitatus.