March, 2018

Crikey Worm: Turnbull loses 28th consecutive Newspoll

, Mar 05, 2018


Good morning, early birds. Latest Newspoll confirms, whatever Turnbull's selling, the public isn't buying it. Plus, Australia prepares for (trade) war over Donald Trump's surprise metal tariffs. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

Labor ‘wannabe’ keeps getting it wrong

, Mar 29, 2017

On Jo-Ann Miller Andrew Vickers, National Secretary of CFMEU Mining and Energy Division, writes:  Re. “QLD Labor’s factional players spar with Jo-Ann Miller” (Tuesday) First let me say that I generally enjoy reading Crikey, but I continue to be dismayed at the publication of albeit irregular articles from correspondent “Ben Chiefly”, an obviously biased ALP wannabe who […]

Yearning for a politics above the sub-atomic level

, Feb 14, 2012

The separation between the real world and the pantomime of parliament appears to be worsening.

Aluminium smelting: the best bang for your fossil-fuel subsidy buck

, Mar 10, 2011

The aluminium smelting industry is demanding massive compensation under a carbon price - but already benefits from hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies a year.

Scientists create a new state of matter

, Jul 30, 2009

Scientists are claiming to have created a new state of matter -- i.e. not solid, liquid, gas or plasma -- with a new form of aluminum that is almost transparent.