March, 2018

The curious question of Kimberly Kitching

, Mar 22, 2018

The senator, who has seen a rapid advancement up the ranks of Labor, brought an approach to questioning a Senate reference committee that left Defence representatives scratching their heads.

Rundle: Shorten shows his disregard for Batman by cosying up to coal

, Feb 20, 2018

If Bill Shorten didn't want to hand ammunition to Labor's foes in the Batman byelection, he had a funny way of showing it in Townsville this week.

Could Dastyari help keep Keneally out of Bennelong?

, Dec 05, 2017

Dastyari is a walking crisis, and he isn't just derailing Labor's efforts to keep pressure on what should be an unraveling government; he's throwing its chances in Bennelong into doubt.

Getting your $110k worth: Woodside reveals lobbying bang for buck

, Nov 28, 2017

The level of political access afforded to companies has been detailed by energy giant Woodside, as political parties seek to move corporate donations onto a more secure footing.

An honest, heartwarming letter from your local Labor MP

, Jul 24, 2017

The most pressing issues facing the world are rising inequality, climate change and lack of opportunity. That's why we at Labor have decided to campaign for four-year fixed terms of Parliament.

How much influence does the ACTU actually have?

, Feb 16, 2017

The ACTU doesn't have a “big influence” on the day-to-day activities of unions.

Are the adults in charge?

, Dec 05, 2016

Crikey readers discuss previous editions.

ALP says it was just following the rules on ‘Mediscare’ SMS

, Nov 03, 2016

"Mediscare" election texts were all above board.
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Tips and rumours

, Oct 11, 2016

Free TV spruiker now at SBS ... is Gavin Marshall on the way out? ... Andrew Bogut corrects his "expletives" ...

Labor’s western Sydney pantomime show

, Jun 20, 2016

The Labor faithful -- including Bob Hawke, Julia Gillard and Paul Keating -- trudged out to Penrith. But Kevin Rudd was nowhere to be seen.