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Labor state bosses stare down PM on primaries

May 14, 2012 28

At least four state Labor branches have junked Julia Gillard's urgings to hold primary preselections before the 2013 federal election, with NSW general secretary Sam Dastyari failing to rule out a series of feared National Executive interventions to protect incumbent MPs.

ALP Left hang tight to reforms as they step up numbers drive

December 5, 2011 51

The ALP's Left say they will not give up on key reforms trashed by the Right at national conference and will urgently move to recruit multiple members to force Labor to democratise.

Do the Liberals have a conscience on gay marriage?

Do the Liberals have a conscience on gay marriage?

December 5, 2011 28

The media narrative is overwhelmingly obsessed with Labor's position on the same-s-x marriage issue and the Coalition's much larger anti-gay contingent has mostly been given a free pass.

Gender parity an electoral albatross around the ALP’s neck

December 5, 2011 2

As long as the participation of women lurks below 50%, prospects of reform or reinvention in the Australian Labor Party are limited, writes Tanja Kovac.

A bad conference for Gillard, and maybe worse for her party

December 5, 2011 35

The ALP national conference did nothing to dispel perceptions about Julia Gillard's judgment - or the party's inability to renew itself.

Delegates back Gillard on uranium exports to India

December 4, 2011

ALP delegates back Julia Gillard on uranium exports to India despite an emotive round of speeches against the proposition. Andrew Crook reports from the national conference floor at The Stump.

Rudd parties with gay activists; will ‘examine bill closely’

December 4, 2011

Has Kevin Rudd changed his tune on gay marriage? Andrew Crook found him celebrating with activists last night at the ALP national conference, reporting the latest at The Stump.

Bowen wins ALP fight for offshore

December 3, 2011

Chris Bowen has succeeded in his bid to change Labor’s national platform to allow for offshore processing of refugees after a rancour-filled debate, writes Andrew Crook.

ALP rules in favour of gay marriage conscience vote

December 3, 2011

The ALP’s 46th National Conference has decided to allow a conscience vote on gay marriage. However, the victory for the ALP left is strictly symbolic, writes Andrew Crook.

ALP conference: construction industry proposal a hot topic

December 2, 2011 2

An urgent ALP conference amendment proposed by construction union chief Dave Noonan to amend Labor's national platform to outlaw special inspectors has been withdrawn at the 11th hour.