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Topic archives: Alan Jones

Polly pays a packet: the many defamation cases of the Parrot Alan Jones

November 24, 2017 2

Alan Jones is due to face a defamation trial next year over comments he made about the deadly 2011 Grantham flood. We look back at his track record.

Crikey Worm: Surveillance laws agreed to by COAG

October 6, 2017

Members of the government have lashed out at broadcaster Alan Jones, and COAG says yes to surveillance. It's the news you need to know.

Bonsai of the Vanities: sitting in stunned silence at Mark Latham’s book launch

October 5, 2017 70

It was a great audience: fewer than 100 people sandwiched into a small room at Sydney’s Intercontinental Hotel, overwhelmingly middle-aged, male and white.

Stan Grant and the monumental turn towards a living history

August 28, 2017 2

Stan Grant has been pilloried for suggesting that we modify our historical monuments to more accurately reflect our complicated past. But for some commentators Australia's Anglo-centric history is obstinately set in stone.

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

August 7, 2017 5

Jones to the Hall of Fame? ... department store woes ... Balls up to the task ...

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

July 21, 2017 4

Moz outsmarts Turnbull ... Cassidy's Twitter feud ... look who's talking ...

Mail stealing stories (again) … Chris Kenny haz a sad … West v Aston …

Mail stealing stories (again) … Chris Kenny haz a sad … West v Aston …

June 19, 2017 6

The Daily Mail, proving that it has learnt nothing, is in trouble for plagiarising a freelance journalist's stories -- again.

Tips and rumours

April 28, 2017 2

Honours for Alan Jones ... tomorrow's culture war ... Advance Australia Fair for the modern era ...

Can you be sued for calling someone ‘Putin like’? Alan Jones finds out

March 13, 2017 2

Alan Jones called a barrister "Putin-like" because of his arbitration between Hume Coal Pty Ltd and an elderly landholding couple. Is that defamatory?

Baird’s resignation fires starting gun on NSW Liberal factional warfare

January 19, 2017 13

Why did Mike Baird resign? And who is waiting in the wings to replace him?