January, 2015

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Tears on a plane: why our emotions soar while we fly

, Jan 27, 2015

Floating far above the ground in a padded chair, in a dry, sealed aeroplane cabin that hums gently, facing away from other passengers, with no phone or email interrupting our thoughts, we travel inward as well as onward.
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Indian, Indonesian wannabe pollies get their star turns on TV

, Apr 17, 2014

Western countries aren't the only ones spending big on electioneering. Crikey intern Luke Cooper takes a look at some of the campaign ads in Indonesia and India.
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Let there be boobs as Bonds complaints busted

, Nov 20, 2013

The Advertising Standards Board has nipped complaints in the bud and will allow Bonds to use the word boobs in its advertising campaign for bras, writes SmartCompany editor Melinda Oliver.

The power of words

, Oct 22, 2013

Crikey readers talk Andrew Bolt, the Walkleys, scare tactics and why words matter.
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It’s not all junk mail — election leaflets archived for posterity

, Aug 06, 2013

A website dedicated to transparent government is uploading election leaflets stuffed into letterboxes across the country. There are some amusing ones, writes freelance journalist El Gibbs.
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The Power Index: election deciders, ad creatives at #6

, May 29, 2013

Television will again be the key battleground for the 2013 election, and creatives are busy working to briefs. The Power Index asks: who's behind them?
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Partly cloudy with a chance of … banks? Ads start on govt website

, May 01, 2013

Here's a first: there's paid advertising appearing on a federal government website (the Bureau of Meteorology). Does this pose a problem -- and who might be next?
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Just Chew it: click go the marketers in online assault

, Mar 10, 2011

With nearly 1.4 million kids under the age of 12 online it's no wonder Australia's biggest food brands use the net to spread their message. And they're really good at it.
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Shame on Kellogg’s

, Nov 18, 2010

For the fourth year running, Kellogg's has been dubbed the worst advertiser of junk food to children in Australia by The Parents Jury. It sure knows how to cash in on kid's pestering,reports Melissa Sweet

Will lame ads stop dickheads?

, Apr 01, 2010

With dickheads, emos and gingas, the latest VicRoads advertising campaign is aimed at the younger end of the driver spectrum. But does slagging in the language of the yoof actually discourage bad driving?