July, 2018

The power’s out in Australia. How do we fix it?

, Jul 12, 2018

Crikey readers take on Australia's cost-of-living problems.

Crikey Worm: ACCC calls for major changes to energy market

, Jul 11, 2018

Good morning, early birds. The ACCC has proposed a significant shake-up of Australia's power market. Plus, all 12 Thai soccer players and coach make it out of the cave. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

How Google became the internet’s biggest standover man

, May 15, 2018

A recent submission to the ACCC enquiry shows that Australian businesses are being played by the search engine monopoly holders.

Facebook downplays dominance as ACCC submissions are filed

, Apr 23, 2018

Facebook is intent on denying it has a monopoly on the market. Is that going to fly with the competition regulator?

Is the ACCC inquiry into Facebook and Google out of date already?

, Mar 20, 2018

With the revelations about Cambridge Analytica and a plummeting stock price, there are arguably much more pressing issues to discuss.

Would you buy a used media policy from Mitchell Peter Fifield?

, Dec 14, 2017

Among the barrage of inquiries following media reforms passing this year, regulators will be looking at how the ABC can compete in the modern media jungle.
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‘Do your research, maggot’ … Foxtel merger done deal … insert headline here …

, Dec 07, 2017

Labor MP Brian Mitchell has called ABC journalist Matt Wordsworth a maggot as he was trying to interview former dual citizen Justine Keay outside Parliament
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HuffPost’s ‘disrespect’ for staff … Women’s Weekly cuts senior roles … the revolving door …

, Dec 04, 2017

The journalists' union has met with HuffPost Australia staff, and says they were disrespected by their employer when it shut down its local edition.

Tips and rumours

, Oct 16, 2017

Off-field Senate inquiry ... men in the media ... pay-for-play politics ...

What Utopia can teach us about the Federal Court’s recent coal port decision

, Sep 06, 2017

In this case, what happened in Utopia was actually less ridiculous than the real-life equivalent, writes former board member of Prime Minister and Premiers Road Reform Project Luke Fraser.