January, 2018

Who’s really to thank for our jobs boom?

, Jan 16, 2018

The strong jobs growth under Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison is due to the government's health and education spending, and low interest rates, not a buoyant private sector.

Remember ‘Jobs and Growth’? Neither does our workforce

, Aug 31, 2017

With the rest of the developed world experiencing an economic boom, Alan Austin breaks down Australia's employment figures to show that Australia is actually worse off than it was four years ago.

Jobs growth strong at the end of 2015

, Jan 14, 2016

Unemployment dips below 6%.

Actually, manufacturing is employing more workers

, Mar 15, 2012

Employment in manufacturing rose in the three months to February, the first rise since mid-2010. There hasn't been as big a rise in manufacturing in trend terms since early 2008.