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The tent embassy: fact v fiction, black v white

The tent embassy: fact v fiction, black v white

February 15, 2012 96

There is perhaps no event in the last few decades that better sums up the divide between black and white Australia than the debacle that engulfed the Embassy celebrations.

Cox: how about asking Tent Embassy why they’re so angry?

January 30, 2012 11

Why do so few of the media reporters actually ask the Aboriginal demonstrators why they are so angry with being told to change tactics?

View from the Tent Embassy: reality v news reports

January 27, 2012 612

The most striking factor of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy protests was the stark difference between reports of the events and the reality, writes Tracker editor Amy McQuire.

Choose your own angle on this Oz Day story

January 27, 2012 44

Like a giant national inkblot test for the nation, the "meaning" of yesterday's events at the Lobby restaurant in Canberra is really what the observer brings to them.

Australia Day protest no match for media hysteria

Australia Day protest no match for media hysteria

January 27, 2012 24

Crikey media wrap: Australia Day turned ugly in Canberra yesterday after comments by Tony Abbott incited Aboriginal Tent Embassy activists, resulting in a dramatic exit of the leaders executed by the PM's security detail.

What happened to Aboriginal Australia setting the agenda?

January 25, 2012 11

The fact we are still calling for sovereignty and self-determination, 40 years on from the first steps of the tent embassy, shows just how central it is to Aboriginal aspirations, writes Amy McQuire, editor of Tracker Magazine.

Taking the sorry out of politics

February 12, 2008 3

There is a sense of pride I have never seen before in Canberra, let alone in Indigenous affairs. The mood feels like a celebration, although of course it's no such thing. Wednesday's events are solemn --­ they will open old wounds in old people, writes Chris Graham.