April, 2015

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Reclaim (indigenous) Australia: both sides scream tolerance at Melbourne rally

, Apr 07, 2015

Both Reclaim Australia and the Rally Against Racism seem to think they had the moral high ground, and everyone wanted to claim both feminism and Aboriginal heritage. It was a very weird day.
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Rundle: what Abbott means by ‘lifestyle choice’

, Mar 11, 2015

As a staunch Catholic, Tony Abbott genuinely believes non-Christian societies are inferior. And that is manifesting itself in the closing of 100 WA communities.
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Gulag Territory: NT’s shameful incarceration of Aboriginal Australians

, Feb 19, 2015

Why does Australia continue to fail Aboriginal Australia at such gross levels? John B. Lawrence SC, a Darwin-based barrister and immediate past president of the Northern Territory Bar Association, explains.
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Rundle: how to make real progress on Closing the Gap

, Feb 12, 2015

The stagnant problems that "Close the Gap" has identified are either extremely complex and multidimensional, or they are simple and being made complex by the notion that they can be solved without the application of sufficient money to solve them.

Speeches aside, Aboriginal recognition requires actual leadership

, Feb 13, 2013

Political leaders spoke from the heart on recognition of indigenous Australians in Parliament today. Former adviser to Labor Rita Markwell asks where to next for a movement that seems to have stalled.

Redfern 1992. Notes from a parallel universe …

, Oct 12, 2007

In 1992, Prime Minister Paul Keating spoke in the Sydney suburb of Redfern to launch the International Year of Indigenous People.

Brough’s laws: a downside of the 1967 referendum

, Aug 08, 2007

When, in 1967, Harold Holt’s government put to the Australian people a proposal to amend section 51 (xxvi) of the Constitution so that the Commonwealth could make special laws with respect to Aboriginal people, the maverick Liberal MP Billy Wentworth warned that this could mean that in the future, a government could not only make laws to benefit Indigenous Australia, but also to disadvantage it. He was ignored.

Booze is not just a black issue

, Jul 09, 2007

I do not agree with what the PM has done in the Territory’s Aboriginal communities, nor did most of the Aboriginal health workers I was with last week in western NSW, writes Dr Rod MacQueen, an addiction medicine physician who works in indigenous communities.