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On the record: ABC editorial policies to change

Crikey August 24, 2007

ABC editorial policies are likely to change to tackle the contentious issue of when journalists should allow sources to speak off the record, writes Margaret Simons.

Nielsen poll: the seeds of a fight back

Crikey August 13, 2007

Parliament sits this week for perhaps the last time before the election – perhaps. Leadership speculation persists, but as APEC draws closer and closer change seems even less likely, writes Christian Kerr.

No ads for the ABC, says Scott

Crikey August 8, 2007

“Some might say I buried the lead.” So says ABC Managing Director Mark Scott who last night announced, almost in passing, what might well be the most important decision of his tenure so far.

Piers Akerman’s research skills on display

Crikey August 3, 2007

According to the Daily Telegraph website of 1 August, their columnist Piers Akerman is "One of the nation's most respected journalists ... ". It is strange then, for a professional journalist to be so out of touch that he should write this little gem.

Media briefs and TV ratings

Crikey July 30, 2007

Haneef interview disappoints for 60 Minutes and Nine ... The Oz's John Lyons is Middle East bound ... "Buckets" Browne looks to rewrite the rules ... Last night's TV ratings.

Media briefs and TV ratings

Crikey July 25, 2007

Aunty serves it up to the government over TV production funding changes ... Last night's TV ratings

Media briefs and TV ratings

Crikey July 18, 2007

Posh comes to America with a "major" bomb ... Rupert's matchmaker set to join the ABC ... Wikijournalism strikes at The SMH.

Tips and rumours

Crikey July 16, 2007

Re. Gunns, Launceston City Council and Robin Gray. 1) What will Launceston’s ex-police officer Mayor Ivan Dean do in response to the apparent threat to one of his aldermen by Gunns director, ex-Tasmanian premier Robin Gray [reported in Saturday’s Mercury]. Respected Alderman Van Zetten, head of the charity Launceston City Mission, had voted against supporting […]

Vanessa who? The candidate the Libs keep forgetting

Crikey July 12, 2007

The PM had a Beazley moment -- Rove who? -- this morning, making an awkward start to his whistle-stop tour of Tasmania. In Launceston he forgot the name of the Liberal candidate for the seat of Franklin in the state's south-east.

Media briefs and TV ratings

Crikey July 11, 2007

The Tiser v The Premier: Round II ... The blurry line between ABC journos and NSW gov staffers ... An old face and a new subject at Nine ... Glenn Milne coming up short? ... Ice Cube takes The Game to Murdoch ... Ten looking for a ratings kickstart ... Last night's TV ratings.