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Crikey Says

Crikey October 31, 2007

John Howard conspicuously talked up the environmental benefits of nuclear power through much of this parliamentary term. But not so much lately. Why is that?

Errington: Howard will keep gnawing away

Crikey October 31, 2007

Some people are still expecting Howard to come up with "a Tampa" to win the election, but this misconceives Howard’s political strengths. If he defeats Rudd, it will be because of many small manoeuvres rather than a single knockout blow, writes Wayne Errington.

The Daily Verdict: Day 4 and The Chaser has the Libs chasing

Crikey October 18, 2007 1 Comment

The people who should really be complaining about last night's Chaser episode are staunch Liberal supporters. For it is the living John Howard, not the dead Steve Irwin, Stan Zemanek and Kerry Packer, who was really hurt by the Chaser, writes Richard Farmer.

What’s on the ABC’s election wishlist?

Crikey October 9, 2007

We know funding for a digital only children’s television channel is top of the ABC's wishlist, but what else might be announced during the campaign? asks Margaret Simons.

Media briefs and TV ratings

Crikey September 20, 2007

Sunrise in the tally room? ... ABC and SBS missed their chance on building industry doco ... How do you transmute a cliche into a tautology? ... Last night's TV ratings.

Media briefs and TV ratings

Crikey September 13, 2007

APEC stunt makes Chaser most popular ABC comedy ever ... Nine "samples" the life out of new legal drama ... ACCC worries over Southern Cross break-up ... Bidding war for Big Brother ... Last night's TV ratings.

‘I will decide who leads the Liberal Party and under what terms I lead it’

Crikey September 12, 2007

John Howard has reversed his Prime Ministerial exit strategy. For seven years, the PM has stressed that his leadership of the Liberal Party will come to an end when his colleagues no longer support him in that role, but it didn't turn out that way. How could we have got it so wrong?

The PM’s belated search for the vision thing

Crikey September 10, 2007

John "I’m Staying PM" Howard is off on a belated search for the vision thing that will prove the pundits and the pollsters wrong in predicting he cannot win the federal election later this year.

A day in the life of a psephologist: MacKerras tells all

Crikey September 4, 2007

As a consequence of the publication this morning of the Newspoll in The Australian newspaper the Melbourne ABC personality John Faine rang me to talk about the marginal seats. However, he did not really do that. He began by asking me about this poll. Why was it so bad for Howard?

Morning Market Report

Crikey August 27, 2007

Good start to the week, the market is up 102 this morning. The SFE Futures suggested a 97 point rise in the market this morning.