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The ABC: outsourcings “R” us

July 8, 2008 7

How far can your ABC go in enterprise dabbling before it ceases to be a public broadcaster, asks Margaret Simons?

Oil prices hit coffee as Starbucks slashes jobs, outlets

July 2, 2008

No money, no coffee. No coffee, no jobs. It's a pretty simple equation, and one that foretells more financial pain for the American services sector, writes Glenn Dyer.

What does the ABC’s Charter actually mean?

July 2, 2008 2

The charters of our public broadcasters are broadly worded, binding them to almost nothing, writes Margaret Simons.

ABC take note: French TV juggles public and private

July 1, 2008

Australian public broadcasting could learn a thing from France -- ads on the nation's public channels are to disappear from next year after 8pm, and altogether by the end of 2011, writes Charles Richardson.

Media briefs and TV ratings: Wheel of Failure, women in sport

June 30, 2008 1

Wheel of Failure ... Newspapers don't give women and ethnic minorities a sporting chance ... Oft-Corrected NYT Critic Cleans Up Her Act ... TV ratings

ABC and SBS look to the future (and hope it’s cashed-up)

June 30, 2008 4

This week Crikey begins a series of articles on whether the public broadcasters are fulfilling their charters, what they are doing, what they should be doing and how to take things forward, writes Margaret Simons.

Tips and rumours

June 27, 2008 3

The Federal Department of Health is struggling for some continuity of management. Mick Reid left as Chief of Staff of Roxon’s office, partly due to acrimony between him and the Minister. Many had tipped Reid as the replacement for Jane Halton when her contract ends later this year; until then, the Department is in a […]

Public broadcasting about to get a shake-up

June 26, 2008 5

I understand the federal government will shortly announce an inquiry into the role of public broadcasting in modern day Australia. Margaret Simons spills the beans.

The ABC’s free kick to the ad industry

June 12, 2008 5

How did Andrew Denton get the ABC to buy a program that is crammed with ads, marketing messages and commercial logos? asks Trevor Cook.

ABC tells kids: save the planet or DIE

June 11, 2008 5

Children of the 80s were taught to fear AIDS. Now it's the environmental menace. And the ABC has been stoking the fires, writes Jane Nethercote.