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Media briefs and TV ratings

Crikey March 14, 2008 1 Comment

Bias at Four Corners ? ... Face it, newsprint is dying ... CNN's consumer generated news ... Armani banned me ... Sorry, not enough hits.

Tips and rumours

Crikey March 13, 2008

Is The West Australian going to put new Opposition Leader in WA, Troy Buswell out of his misery? Troy Buswell was recently elected Liberal Leader despite revelations that he got drunk at Parliament and undid the bra of an unwilling female Labor staffer. Apparently this staffer is yet to return to work after the incident. […]

Media briefs and TV ratings

Crikey March 13, 2008 1 Comment

Chicken feed at the ABC ... Is NewsCorp scamming students? ... Rupert Murdoch has finally been outfoxed ... America's best newspapers in circulation decline ... Last night's TV ratings ...

Auntie expands: coming soon, ABC8!

Crikey March 12, 2008

ABC Managing Director Mark Scott aims to recapture Auntie’s position as the main digital innovator in media, writes Margaret Simons.

Media briefs and TV ratings

Crikey March 12, 2008

A healthy West Australian is a happy West Australian ... How times have changed ... Last night's TV ratings

It’s official: Seven claims biggest ratings win since 1978

Crikey December 3, 2007

Seven's win was built on its dominant Monday and Tuesday night schedules, but more importantly, it was far more competitive on Sunday nights, writes Glenn Dyer.

Howard and Coonan: Friends of the ABC?

Crikey November 12, 2007 2 Comments

With the election slipping away, Howard and Coonan have slithered up to the ABC audience and dangled $80 million for a new children's digital channel, writes Glenn Dyer.

A new dawn for Sydney radio?

Crikey November 9, 2007 2 Comments

Like it or not, Sydney radio is old hat and the talk back genre seems to be passing, even at the ABC, and some new talent and ideas are needed, writes Glenn Dyer.

Foreign Correspondent presenter — a job for reporters?

Crikey November 7, 2007

The ABC's Foreign Correspondent has worked well with reporters introducing and promoting their own reports, but now it seems someone wants it to have a presenter, writes Glenn Dyer.

Australia revealed: TV watching

Crikey November 1, 2007

Which electorates are our biggest commercial TV watchers? Thanks to Roy Morgan research we now know.