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Tips and rumours

June 20, 2018

Family connections behind ABC attacks, a fact check on mortality figures, and some cheeky tactics from Energy Australia.

The Liberals are happy to play the long game to destroy the ABC

June 19, 2018

Crikey readers make it clear that they don't want the Liberals' grubby paws on the ABC.

Media Files: ABC keeps cricket commentary

June 18, 2018

The ABC has retained radio broadcasting rights for the cricket, defying speculation that the rights were set to shift elsewhere.

Why ABC attacks went from political theatre to fundamental threat

June 18, 2018 10

The Liberals have been playing a long game on ABC attacks, but it's the commercial media that's now given them the final play.

Easy as ABC: how to privatise national broadcasting

June 18, 2018 22

Privatising the ABC would be relatively straightforward, and there are different options for doing it if the government really wants to get going immediately.

How 2014 ushered in the new police state era in Australia

June 14, 2018 18

A confluence of factors has meant that the past four years have seen the development of a police state in Australia aimed at punishing dissent. But ultimate responsibility lies with voters.

The faceless bureaucracy that’s pushing us down the road to a police state

June 13, 2018 37

Australia's transition to an anti-dissent police state reflects a bureaucratic system intent of extending itself, and politicians who have an interest in allowing it to.

An incomplete list of evidence that Australia is becoming a police state

June 12, 2018 34

The government is taking Australia down the road to a police state where criticism or embarrassment of the government is punished. This is how.

Media Files: Seven news camera stolen during shoot

June 7, 2018 1

Seven's Europe correspondent Laurel Irving has spoken about how she and her cameraman were robbed of their $25,000 camera while in the middle of shooting on the streets of London.

The media is part of the malaise gripping our politics

June 6, 2018

Crikey readers respond to Bernard Keane's diagnosis of Australian media, plus the question of criticising the ABC.

Razer: for its own good, the ABC needs critics

June 5, 2018 12

Should we all just shut it about the ABC when the broadcaster is under attack by from the government? Why not just give that embattled corporation a break? Well ...

Razer: Annabel Crabb’s new show packs history with chipper ABC morality

May 31, 2018 43

Back In Time For Dinner gets 1000 neoliberal humanist points for simulating (and believing) the rosy history of 1950s Australia.

A new bar for ‘acceptable free speech’ in Trump’s America?

May 30, 2018 6

ABC has canned the hugely successful Roseanne reboot after an "abhorrent and repugnant" racist tweet. But what's taken them so long?

Tips and rumours

May 30, 2018 3

A brutal shake up at the ABC, we're buying nor backing the argument for corporate tax cuts, and more pain on its way for the big banks.

Media Files: Sky News takes a WIN

May 28, 2018 1

Sky News has made snapped up a deal for broadcasting daily content on WIN.

Keep the ABC bosses out of editorial completely

May 28, 2018

Crikey readers respond to speculation on leadership at the ABC, and demand the names of those who knew of live export cruelty.

Media roundtable: should the head of the ABC be a journalist?

May 25, 2018 16

Is Michelle Guthrie's non-journalist credentials holding her back? Does the ABC need a seasoned reporter to steer it in the right direction? Crikey took the question to prominent media insiders to find out.

As government ramps up Howard-style attack on the ABC, where’s Milne?

May 24, 2018 15

The Turnbull government is reenacting the Howard government's assault on the ABC during the Iraq war. Except this time there's no Donald McDonald to lead the defence of the broadcaster.

News Corp on ABC budget cuts: message received!

May 16, 2018 6

A raft of "exclusives" about ABC bonuses in the News Corp papers today come on the heels of budget cuts to the national broadcaster.

The clear message behind the government’s ABC cuts

May 14, 2018 5

The government has definitively told the ABC that if they're not going to stay off the media oligopolies' turf, then they'll be starved. It's going to take some shrewd maneuvering for the broadcaster to come out the other side.