December, 2017

Faine and Glover appear unassailable in ABC radio shake-up

and , Dec 07, 2017

ABC broadcasters Jon Faine and Richard Glover are among the few radio presenters with their jobs untouched in next year's line-up.

Audio and video are the new ABC buzzwords, internal documents show

, Oct 16, 2017

The ABC is preparing for yet another restructure announcement, where it's likely to make changes to increase communication and content between its silos.
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The Age turns tabloid … remembering Hef … dick-tater …

, Sep 29, 2017

The Age continues the Sudanese gang narrative with crime statistics, and Hugh Hefner has been remembered as a stunning success.
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Not Quito right on Gallagher citizenship … Correction of the day … ABC expands regional radio streams …

, Aug 29, 2017

Amid the dual citizenship scandal tumult, the Daily Telegraph may have gotten this one wrong.

How the right destroyed an ABC gem to push their Stalinist agenda

, Aug 29, 2017

The question remains as to why the ABC ever thought Tom Switzer would be appropriate to present such a show in the first place.
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RN shake-up … on the hiss … the fucking New York Times …

, Jul 31, 2017

The ABC has advertised for a managing editor of audio current affairs, which could change the way AM, PM and Breakfast are produced.
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Ten’s creditors revealed … RN religion editor exorcised … the new ‘yellow peril’? …

, Jul 11, 2017

Turns out Ten owes CBS a bundle. And other media tidbits of the day.
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Al Jazeera under threat … Aston claims victory … sketch tragedy in White House press briefing …

, Jun 26, 2017

Political enemies of Qatar have demanded that news network Al Jazeera be shut down.