November, 2016

ABC Radio sheds staff, mulls major changes at Classic FM

, Nov 16, 2016

The ABC is considering changes in its transmissions, with staff fearing that Classic FM will lose its space on the air.
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Introducing ABC Radio yoga, brought to you by Lululemon

, Sep 20, 2016

Lululemon's sponsorship of the event has blatant commercial benefits.

Belt-tightening now certain at ABC Classic FM

, Jul 25, 2016

All parts of the organisation are being expected to find savings. ABC Classic FM staff got the bad news last week.

ABC Classic FM after dark, and under review: anxious staff wait

, Jul 08, 2016

Classical music-loving night owls rejoice: live presenters are coming back to the ABC. But redundancy rumours still swirl.
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Tips and rumours

, Dec 10, 2014

Sun-sensitive war planes ... our government's Wikipedia tomfoolery ... suspicious shoelaces stopped at the border.
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Radio without a host? It’s just not as classy, say listeners

, Aug 29, 2014

Is a host the only difference between radio and a mixtape? That's a question many of Classic FM's staff and listeners are asking after the ABC radio station switched up its overnight programming in early August.

Comments, corrections, clarifications, and c*ckups

, Nov 06, 2007

The ABC: Comparing apples with a fruit salad ... donkey voting ... Steve Price ... it takes two to cartel ... Labor's homebuyers plan ... behold the gaffe ...