November, 2017

Glenn Dyer’s TV Ratings

, Nov 29, 2017

The Good Doctor, more Don Burke scandals and repeats dominated a fairly dreary night.

Tracy Grimshaw v Don Burke: tabloid host shows her mettle

and , Nov 28, 2017

A Current Affair's Tracy Grimshaw showed she's one of TV's best interviewers with last night's showdown against celebrity gardener Don Burke.

Why has A Current Affair been giving Don Burke air time?

, Nov 27, 2017

Don Burke never really left our screens. Given the allegations about him, the question now is why?

How the media — including me — helped normalise political extremists

, Nov 10, 2017

We've created a world in which abuse and harassment of politicians is normalised. The media is a big part of the problem -- and not just the mainstream media.
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NBN frenzy … Exclusive Brethren v Michael Bachelard … The revolving door

, Oct 23, 2017

Today's newspapers have preempted tonight's NBN Four Corners episode with a very broad definition of an "exclusive".
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ABC rapped by regulator … McCormack pleads guilty … Seven’s workplace culture under fire …

, Sep 26, 2017

Ben McCormack pleads guilty to child pornography charges. And other media tidbits of the day.

Glenn Dyer’s TV ratings

, Sep 12, 2017

Ten needs to fix up its Sunday night programming.

The man suing A Current Affair for $2.5 *Dr Evil voice* BILLION DOLLARS

, Aug 31, 2017

Kyle Hodgetts is suing the Nine Network for almost $2.5 billion (yes, with a B), claiming A Current Affair defamed him and sunk his video game's chances of success.

Quadrant apologises (kinda) … solidarity pizza … finding Corby …

, May 25, 2017

Schapelle Corby is returning to Australia! (Maybe. Probably.) So where will she go? Let's stalk her relatives until we have a list of possible locations.
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Good Food Guides to go national … Aldi’s free publicity … Huge if True …

, May 17, 2017

The Good Food Guides will now be one edition, Aldi gets a bunch of free advertising. Plus other media tidbits of the day.