October, 2014

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Korea’s ‘free trade’ commitment to keep Australians out

, Oct 01, 2014

Australia's "free trade agreement" with South Korea establishes a remarkable disparity between Koreans working in Australia and Australians working in Korea.
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457s and temporary migration: where the pressure points are

, May 12, 2014

Australia’s temporary visa program is generally operating well, but new data shows where problems are emerging, writes immigration expert Henry Sherrell at Inside Story.

Stop the boats, keep the planes

, Jul 30, 2013

Crikey readers talk asylum seekers, 457 visas and the future of live music.
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Stop the planes? The frustrations of educated, working migrants

, Jul 29, 2013

The government's hard-line anti-immigration rhetoric focuses on asylum seekers, particularly those arriving by boat, but what about the hundreds of thousands of migrants who come to Australia to work?
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Tips and rumours

, Jul 12, 2013

Seven trims freelancers ... 457 visa claims at Westpac ... the Liberals want YOU to sign up ...
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Tips and rumours

, Jul 09, 2013

Paul Howes feted as new hero of the Right on IR ... questions about IBM's visa use ... Bob Katter's high-tech campaign material ...
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Yes, Rupert, racism is disgraceful — tell your newspapers

, Apr 03, 2013

Rupert Murdoch has attacked Labor for being racist and portrayed himself as an immigration advocate. Does that ring true, given the stories his newspapers run? Crikey intern Ben Westcott trawls through the archives.

Why temporary migration is a permanent thing

, Mar 27, 2013

There is a debate to be had about 457 visas, Peter Mares from Swinburne's Institute for Social Research writes at Inside Story. But it's not the one we've been having in Canberra.
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Essential: government strikes a nerve on 457 visas

, Mar 18, 2013

The government's effort to exploit concerns about 457 visas appears to be landing on fertile ground, today's Essential Report finds. And concerns about the 457 scheme are spread across the political spectrum.
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Gillard finds a circuit-breaker in Sydney, but at what cost?

, Mar 08, 2013

Julia Gillard had a good week campaigning in western Sydney. But what will the long-term cost be of Labor's populist, anti-immigration rhetoric?