June, 2011

Coup anniversary: where are they now?

, Jun 24, 2011

Paul Barry and Matthew Knott look back at the main players in the Night of the Long Knives: where are they now?
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The 2010 Australian election study

, Apr 12, 2011

The latest Essential Research is in, with one particular graph showing when voters decided who they were voting for in last year's election, reports William Bowe.

Post-poll ALP review to home in on direct election

, Feb 16, 2011

The Bracks-Faulkner-Carr post-election review into the current state of the Labor Party will recommend radical revamps to the party's rapidly congealing internal structure, including multiple direct election proposals to belatedly re-energise the grassroots.

Understanding polls: margins of error

, Jan 11, 2011

If you follow the political news then you probably have come across discussion of poll results that are within or beyond the "margin of error". What is it? Lecturer, political analyst and blogger David Mallard explains.

Pobjie’s year in review: perfect ’10 for ruction, discord and Hey Hey’s demise

, Dec 20, 2010

I don’t think it would be hyperbolic to say that 2010 has been the most momentous and exciting year since the dawn of time, writes Ben Pobjie.

Newspoll: back to 50-50

, Dec 07, 2010

The latest Newspoll has the two-party vote at 50-50, after an anomalous 52-48 in Labor’s favour a fortnight ago. The Labor lead from a fortnight ago may have proved ephemeral, but the improvement in Julia Gillard’s personal ratings has mostly stuck, reports William Bowe.

Australia’s parliament the worst in the world

, Nov 29, 2010

The outsider-looking-in article makes for great reading and this Financial Times article dissing Australia's farcical Question Time, the factional warlords running the two parties and this year's riotous prime ministerial spill is a beauty.

Tony’s year of cheap shots

, Nov 26, 2010

Despite policy costings that didn't add up and crass "stop the boats" slogans, the Tony Abbott-led Coalition came very close to winning the federal election. writes Ben Eltham examines the year that was for the man that was nearly PM.

Farr: Gillard’s got grit

, Nov 26, 2010

The fact that Julia Gillard managed to knock off her old deputy, negotiate power after a hung parliament and still remain popular in her party is testament to her fighting skills this year, declares Malcolm Farr
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Nielsen: 51-49 to Coalition

, Nov 22, 2010

The latest Nielsen poll sees a lean to the Coalition in the two-party preferred vote of 51-49 and Labor trailing in the primary vote, but Julia Gillard's personal ratings remain higher at 54%, reports William Bowe.