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Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten (Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

Why is everyone pitching to Queensland this election?

It's an election year and both Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten are heading to Queensland. But why?

Queensland man detained for over 40 years beyond sentence

Evidence was ignored in the case of a Queensland man seeking the lifting of an indefinite detention order.

Kerryn Phelps announcing her candidacy for the federal seat of Wentworth. (Image credit: AAP Image/Brendan Esposito)

The death of the 'safe Liberal seat'

The Liberal Party can't afford to take these constituencies for granted anymore. But what does it mean to be a "Liberal" seat now anyway?

Report sheds new light on the political influence wielded by special interests

A Grattan Institute report finally provides some hard data on the extent to which special interests interfere in public policy via donations and lobbying.

Palaszczuk quashes liberties in the name of liberty

The Queensland government handicapping the KAP over the Fraser Anning fiasco is a flash of the exact fascism they claim to be fighting.

The Menzies and Mings: another guide to Australia’s (many) political dynasties

It's like Game of Thrones with only slightly less backstabbing. We continue our look into Australian political families.

Senseless Prentice ousting a win for the new governing class

The defeat of Turnbull government minister Jane Prentice for LNP preselection illustrates how politics is becoming ever more like a professionalised career ladder rather than a democratic endeavour.

What does each state want from the NEG?

The Council of Australian Governments meets today to have their say on the NEG, and not every state and territory is going in with a smile.

Dylan Voller detained for breaching a 'yellow zone' in Commonwealth Games

The 'Stolenwealth Games' protest was characterised by regular arrests and confrontations, but reports suggest that the arrest of Voller -- famously at the centre Don Dale facility abuses -- was unrelated to the protest itself.

Inland rail's dirty secret

The inland rail project is based on a sizeable subsidy to coal exporters just to get someone to use what its backers even admit is a white elephant.

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