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NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian (Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

Until ICAC speaks, let Gladys get on with the job

It's time to stop asking our leaders to be robots, and blaming women for the failures of men.

And the winner is... Robert Borsak (Image: AAP/Supplied)

Over a Daryl: premier pays a high cost for having a friend with dubious benefits

How on earth did Gladys Berejiklian end up with Daryl Maguire, in a relationship that lets Robert Borsak take the moral high ground?

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian speaks during Question Time on Wednesday (Image: AAP/Steven Siewert)

Will Gladys Berejiklian stay? Here's what political history tells us

How long until the NSW premier's affair with Daryl Maguire bubbles into a politically-terminal distraction, and she resigns?

Daryl Maguire and Gladys Berejiklian (Image: AAP/Private Media)

The NSW premier and her part in the war on political accountabilty

That Gladys Berejiklian herself missed Daryl Maguire's business dealings shows just how far the war on accountability and standards had spread.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews (Image: AAP/James Ross)

Can Victoria's lockdown last when the numbers don't add up?

The Andrews government's argument for lockdown is looking shakier by the day.

The Armenian Relief Society has donated to the Liberal Party (Image: Supplied)

Charities pay for Liberal fundraisers despite regulator’s no-no to political donations

Charities aren't meant to make political donations, but the Liberal Party has received tens of thousands of dollars from registered charities.

(Images: AAP/Erik Anderson; AAP/Joel Carrett)

The NSW premier, her secret lover — and the anti-corruption body she holds the purse strings for

Gladys Berejiklian had a serious conflict of interest: while the ICAC pleaded for funding from her it was investigating her secret boyfriend.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

Knowing who's meeting with whom is crucial to stop corruption. Morrison doesn't want it

When it comes to who's courting whom federally the public is in the dark because there aren't even basic anti-corruption measures in place.

Deb Frecklington (Image: AAP/Dave Hunt)

Morrison's big trip north creates headaches for Labor ahead of state election

Scott Morrison's visit to Queensland could well be the biggest threat the Palaszczuk government faces in its bid to secure another term.

Gladys Berejiklian and Daryl Maguire (Images: AAP)

Gladys and Daryl: just how close did they get in their 'close personal relationship'?

The premier's future hangs on how the word 'intimate' is interpreted under the explicit ministerial code of conduct.

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