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Northern Territory

Chief Minister of the Northern Territory Michael Gunner (Image: AAP/James Gourley)

The NT counts down to COVID-19 'eradication'

The Northern Territory is making the first tentative steps to easing its lockdown. But Chief Minister Michael Gunner says that's no reason to relax.

NT Legislative Assembly Member Jeff Collins (Image: Facebook)

What's better than one opposition party? (And other news you may have missed)

A fight for second place in the NT, while across the border the worms are coming for Queensland. In a news-packed week, here are the stories you may have missed.

(Image: AAP/Bianca De Marchi)

Why are the Greens preferencing Labor last in this NT byelection?

It's almost without precedent for the Greens to actively tilt the scales in the conservatives' favour.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison meets with U.S. Marines at Robertson Barracks in Darwin (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Why is the NT so attractive for US defence?

The US military has long had a presence in the Top End. And from the looks of things, its only going to get bigger.

Central Australian Desert (Image: Wikimedia)

Why a banned book of sacred Indigenous knowledge is still available for sale

The case of Nomads of the Australian Desert sheds light on the legal system's struggle to reckon with the publication of sacred Indigenous material.

(Image: Getty)

The dish that came to represent the melting pot of Darwin

The 2019 NAIDOC blachung cook off was another reminder of the vast influences that have come to define the city's community and culture.

(Image: AAP/Jeremy Ng)

What good is a custody notification service if you don't notify anyone about it?

The NT finally has a service in place for when Indigenous people are arrested by police. But the odd silence from key stakeholders raises questions about how the system is being implemented.

One modest masthead at a time

Over its four years, Rural Weekly NT tried to give a voice to the agricultural sector in the red centre. Now the paper has met its end.

Northern Territory looks for a quick fix on judge snafu

The Northern Territory General Assembly has tried to patch up a recent fiasco involving the incorrect appointment of local court judges. The problem is that it's not such an easy mistake to fix.

Legal law concept image

R v Bayden Flash: what 'going in house' means for criminal justice in the NT

To ensure the adversarial system works as well as it can, the accused must have counsel at least on par with that of the Crown. In the NT, this is rarely the case.