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Australian Capital Territory

(Image: StockSnap/Pixabay)

ACT takes the lead on another frustrated federal issue

The federal government's Health Star Rating system has been criticised for years. So the ACT simply made its own version...

Canberra's electric buses are a go (even though they won't go)

The ACT government has an ambitious plan to make public transport emission-free. There's just one small problem...


How Canberra became the weed capital of Australia

Canberra has passed a historic bill to allow those in the ACT to grow, smoke, and possess small quantities of pot. But it was Labor, not the Greens, who pushed it through.

Politicians' pill-testing denialism is costing young lives

Two more people are dead at a music festival while denialist politicians refuse to countenance pill-testing. It's stupidity with a grievous toll of young lives lost.

Bernard Collaery. (Image: AAP/Rod Mcguirk)

As politicians frolic, the Witness K scandal unfolds in a crowded courtroom

The greatest intelligence scandal of recent decades continued in a small Canberra court yesterday when Witness K and Bernard Collaery were put on trial. The government wanted to hide it.

Diplo-brat pack: Canberra's politically savvy kids steal the limelight

A ten year old joining a political party? Not that strange if you live in Canberra, home to our nation's most politically active youths.

How one bonk ban cock-blocked an entire city

Canberra’s late-night watering hole, Public Bar in Manuka, was once a bustling hotspot for piss-ups and hook-ups. But since the bonk ban, the notorious nightspot has become a ghost of its former self.

What does each state want from the NEG?

The Council of Australian Governments meets today to have their say on the NEG, and not every state and territory is going in with a smile.

The terror of Toy Town

The clash between over-sensitive journalists and Canberra's chief minister reflects a town that is divorced from the tough realities of ordinary Australian life.