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Eight Lives: a pacy medical thriller

"A smart, sophisticated thriller that explores power, class and prejudice, Eight Lives will keep you engrossed until the last page." — Affirm Press

The death of Homo Economicus: how neoliberalism fuelled the rise of identity politics

If "neoliberal identity is predicated on financial success", what happens when that success vanishes? In its dismissal of non-economic forms of identity, neoliberalism has ultimately ended up fuelling them.

Is the June car frenzy a ruse?

Consumers can be forgiven for feeling bombarded by end of financial year (EOFY) sales. Each year this assault on the senses seems to be getting louder as brands rival each other for our increasingly scarce cash.

Comey's email bombshell-that-wasn't tightens the odds

And what is happening in Congressional and Senate races?

Clinton's got it in the bag, at least according to the bookies

Is Clinton a shoe-in to be the next United States president?

Is Trump a smart bet?

Revelations from FBI director James Comey that the FBI is still investigating Hillary Clinton's emails have narrowed the polls considerably.

US election: what are betting markets telling us that polls aren't?

Polls generally converge with betting market trends when it comes to politics. Punters can put money where their mouth is, writes Crikey's Poll Bludger William Bowe.

Clinton v Trump: the final debate is Hillary's to lose

The tide of money is for Clinton ahead of the final debate. But there's good value for Trump, writes Crikey's Poll Bludger William Bowe.

Going blind: can recruitment ever see the truth?

Business knows the value of diversity, but minorities are still being locked out. Can blind recruitment help?

Getting real about super: the policies, ethics and gender imbalance

Superannuation might not be the sexiest of topics, but it deserves attention. Australia’s ageing population and rising cost of living could mean a grim future for retirees unless super is overhauled.

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