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Side View: Is this goodbye?

This week: some non-virus content, some virus content, the crime in Yemen, shakespeare was a hack, and Side View says 'see ya' (for now).

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Side View: Cure luck

This week: an entirely virus-free edition! (Just kidding); who's exploiting the crisis; what to watch while stuck at home; why the crisis will help Amazon take over the world; and where you can be in a Zoom meeting.

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Viral sensation

This week: the usual 50 stories on the unfolding apocalypse, plus conspiracy theories, the socialists of Walmart, loneliness during lockdown, and how weird is glass?

Where democracy goes to die

This week: the Gitmo round; democracy in further decline; why Elizabeth Warren really really (really) lost; and Trump versus the virus.

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Idiot pox

This week: crisis, conspiracy and coronavirus; you're a settler, so accept it; rat empathy; and fast walking in a great metropolis.

International revelations

This week: dictatorship — a how-to guide, dubbing sucks, and do we really have a fuel security problem?

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Having a surveil of a time

This week: staying aloft, an exciting new world of surveillance, the Tory Right's real goal, and moonlight in Vermont.

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The air up there

This week in Side View: Australia's female empowerment score, an introduction to 'plassing', and it's that championship season in Europe.

US President Donald Trump and wife Melania (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Home of the bravado

This week in Side View: journalists find a friend in defamation law, McKinsey versus the middle class, latest corruption scores, and we're gonna build a wall — badly.

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Like Uber, but for con men

This week in Side View: YouTube's paths to fascism, kindness sucks, collapsology, and speaking truth to Power.

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