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Firepower’s “stack of documents” to prove it works still don’t quite stack up

Michael Pascoe writes:Jan 30, 2007

A couple of weeks late, the curious Firepower organisation came good with its promise to Crikey of providing the independent documents that purportedly show its fantastic pills and potions greatly increase mileage and reduce exhaust emissions. Well, not really.

Firepower shareholders get something after all

Michael Pascoe writes:Jan 25, 2007

Another week nearly gone by and still no sign of the promised proof from Firepower that their magic pills and potions work, but chairman Tim Johnston does seem to have something for believing shareholders: a night at the basketball.

Firepower fails to fire on the promised proof

Michael Pascoe writes:Jan 22, 2007

Eleven days ago, Firepower CEO John Finnin promised a stack of reputable test results would be delivered to us last week proving Tim Johnston’s magic pills really do the unbelievable things they claim, writes Michael Pascoe. Let’s just say we weren’t surprised that they didn’t turn up.

Austrade disquiet about Firepower while another colourful business connection surfaces

Michael Pascoe writes:Jan 16, 2007

Gerard Ryle is proving in the SMH that there are plenty of angles yet to pursue in the Firepower story while the rest of the media ignores it. Today he adds another colourful business connection, this time not West Australian, not Russian, but Romanian.

Europe threatens car industry, Austrade not so sure about Firepower success

Michael Pascoe writes:Jan 15, 2007

If ever there was a story that shows the world would be gobbling up Firepower products if they really worked, it’s this one: Europe’s Environment Commission is looking to bring in a car emissions standard so tough it could wipe out Europe’s manufacturers.

No profit but Firepower sponsors Austrade as well as sport

Michael Pascoe writes: Jan 12, 2007

There were more hard-to-believe moments in yesterday’s Firepower media conference than the assembled hacks had space to report this morning – but there’s also a story in the missing stories in some media.

Firepower – just the latest in a long line of alleged fuel improvers

Michael Pascoe writes:Jan 11, 2007

Firepower is only the latest in a long line of outfits that claim to do incredible things to improve fuel economy but never prove it.

Something for ASIC and ACCC to investigate: the multi-million dollar Firepower mysteries

Michael Pascoe writes:Jan 10, 2007

Where’s the money really coming from for Firepower's Tim Johnston to splash many millions around on sports sponsorships? And what sort of interest might the ACCC be conducting into Firepower’s fuel additive claims and ASIC into Firepower’s corporate structure and fund raising?

Politicians’ contempt for liberties shows need for bill of rights

Politicians’ contempt for liberties shows need for bill of rights

Bernard KeaneOct 6, 201741 Comments

Our political system is failing to protect our basic rights. A different approach is needed, one that doesn't rely on hacks like Daniel Andrews.

Crikey Worm: Yes and No campaigns kick off, terror attack in London

Crikey Worm: Yes and No campaigns kick off, terror attack in London

Max ChalmersSep 18, 2017

Good morning, early birds. The Yes and No campaigns for marriage equality kick off in earnest as postal surveys are sent out, there has been a terror attack in London, and we'll find