Rundle Does Europe


It’s anarchy in the UK! Crikey‘s own Guy Rundle is visiting the motherland for the British election — with a few European detours in between. Crikey Daily Mail subscribers can follow his full adventures here. Otherwise, whet your appetite with these freebies to see what you’re missing:

3 February: Rundle’s UK: no shit Short takes the stand, Brown deflects with voting scam

London – a place where the simple business of getting a bank account, renting a mailbox, etc pitches you into a Boschesque inferno combining bureaucracy, the war on terror, residual snobbery and the collapse of trust in a fuming post-Thatcherite slum of nine million dole cheats and Russian mafiosi.

12 February: Rundle in Athens: It’s all Greek to me

It seemed weird to be ordering a souvlaki in Greece. Apparently, the dish dates from the time of Alexander the Great, but it is forever associated in my mind with the old red vinyl caffs in the city, of which only the Golden Tower remains, in Swanston St…

15 February: Rundle in Athens: Greece puts EU on the economic precipice

The results of Euro-isation has been to turn the Mediterranean into the world’s largest bubble-bath…

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