Want reviews of the latest films to arrive in Australian cinemas? Every week Crikey film reviewer Luke Buckmaster separates the schlock from the sensational, the must-miss from the masterpiece in his video show RE:VIEW.

Episode #4, uploaded March 7
Horny married men and a law enforcing lizard

Discussed on the program this week: new animated feature Rango, featuring the voice of Johnny Depp, and Hall Pass, the latest comedy from gross out kings Peter and Bobby Farrelly.

Episode #3, uploaded February 24
Superheroes come of age and teenagers reek havoc

Discussed on the program this week: the Michael Bay produced on the run action adventure I am Number Four and debut writer/director Ben C. Lucas’ scorching Australian drama Wasted on the Young.

Episode #2, uploaded February 16
Garden gnomes and horrific rock climbing accidents

Discussed on the program this week: the bright and glossy Disney animation Gnomeo & Juliet (executive produced by Elton John) and director Danny Boyle’s Oscar nominated drama 127 Hours.

Episode #1, uploaded February 9
A water drenched lemon and a screen buckling beefcake

Discussed on the program this week: the first Australian wannabe 3D blockbuster, Sanctum, and the latest hard boiled action flick from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.