February, 2018

Razer: State of the Union proves we’re on track for full-blown class warfare

, Feb 01, 2018

Helen Razer imagines how the efforts of Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller and the ghost of Ronald Reagan made this 90 minute speech possible.

Crikey’s State of the Union Bingo Card

, Jan 31, 2018

Crikey apologises in advance for this incredibly depressing game of bingo.

Rundle: don’t let the ‘madman’ fool you — the US’ foreign policy shift is calculated

, Jan 30, 2018

An obsession with Trump is blinding us to what's really going on: one of the most important historical shifts of recent decades.

Moody’s the latest to expose tax cut deceit

and , Jan 29, 2018

Ratings giant Moody's says Trump's tax cuts will be blown on share buybacks, not investment. Just like CEOs are saying. When will the lies about corporate tax cuts end?

Turnbull needs to take on Trump’s Make America Cheap Again silliness

and , Jan 29, 2018

Donald Trump's protectionism is doing real damage to our exporters -- something Malcolm Turnbull needs to raise with the Americans.

How far will consumer brand partisanship spread?

, Jan 29, 2018

Partisanship among brands may be less acute in Australia than it is in the US, but it's not a trend we can ignore.

Afghanistan is no closer to peace, despite what the US claims

, Jan 29, 2018

16 years on and despite peace talks, the corrupt Kabul government is still on the back-foot in its war with the Taliban.

Razer: ‘progressive’ journos gunning for Trump are a danger to peace

, Jan 25, 2018

Even as purportedly progressive outlets continue to report Trump-Putin conspiracy theory as fact, the tanks roll toward Russia and the money rolls out.

Rundle: the anti-democratic rot at the heart of the TPP

, Jan 24, 2018

Without the US, the TPP is a less threatening beast, but a beast it remains.

Trump finds a way to make protectionism even dumber, more damaging

and , Jan 24, 2018

Donald Trump's latest foray into protectionism will cost thousands of jobs in the name of helping some bankrupt foreign-owned companies.

AFR lies by omission on company tax cuts

, Jan 22, 2018

More evidence is emerging that the Trump tax cut will be used for share buybacks not new investment. But you won't read that at the Fin.

Was Rupert Murdoch lured into a honey trap with a Chinese spy?

, Jan 17, 2018

The Wall Street Journal claims Rupert Murdoch's ex-wife, Wendi Deng, is a spy. We take a look back at how their relationship blossomed to begin with.

What Babe’s Aziz Ansari story means for the credibility of sexual assault reporting

, Jan 17, 2018

The story of Aziz Ansari and "Grace", as published on Babe, has done a disservice to both its source and sexual harassment reporting in general.

It ain’t easy (or ethical) being green in Lancaster, California

, Jan 17, 2018

Lancaster, California, has set the benchmark for aggressive, business-focused, non-partisan emissions reduction. But not everyone is happy with the conservative Mayor's questionable methods of achieving it.

Yale Diaries: the role of historians in Trump’s America

, Jan 17, 2018

Among the crises present the annual meeting of the American Historical Association, the question of historians' responsibility to explain -- and answer for -- the Trump presidency was a prominent one, writes Yale correspondent Emma Shortis

What does it take to turn a city green?

, Jan 16, 2018

The Republican mayor of Lancaster, California, is showing that it’s possible for a city to thrive amid the Green revolution, even if it takes some light fascism.

Razer: seven times those hawks who called for civilian blood were totally adorable

, Jan 16, 2018

In an era where the formally debased are redeemed by Trump's vulgarity, most of our effort goes to inventing a peaceful, prosperous past that never, ever was.

Why truth has nothing to do with the WikiLeaks upload of Fire and Fury

, Jan 15, 2018

WikiLeaks' mission of speaking truth to power seems to have turned into something much more petty and vindictive.

Walmart’s tax cut-funded generosity exposed

, Jan 15, 2018

Unfortunately for spruikers of company tax cuts, the news from the US isn't as promising as they would like you to believe.