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Bush: Bailout plan necessary to deal with crisis

Crikey September 25, 2008

Speaking to the American people, President Bush today detailed why an economic bailout plan is needed and why his administration's rescue plan for the economy is "necessary."

Frightened President quivers under pressure

Crikey September 25, 2008

President Bush has given an uninspiring performance in a speech designed to boost public confidence. The Nation reports on the President's invite to his potential successors to join him in the next public address.

Obama: No peacenik from the ’60s

Crikey September 15, 2008

Had a Democrat occupied the White House for the last two terms, US policy might have been sold better, but it’s doubtful that decisions have been very different, writes Jeff Sparrow.

Rundle08: The Cassidy tapes

Guy Rundle September 10, 2008 2 Comments

So here we have the Cassidy tapes, folks. An insight into how young Republicans live, love and leave their blackberries in cabs, writes Guy Rundle.

Sarah Palin: I have seen the future of the Republican revolution

Bernard Keane September 5, 2008 6 Comments

Palin isn’t from round those parts. She’s from small-town America, a white America where they work hard for a living even if they’re middle-class, where they call it “Eye-rack", writes Bernard Keane.

Obama camp responds to Dubya’s endorsement of McCain

Crikey September 3, 2008

The Obama campaign has been quick to spin Dubya's endorsement of John McCain as further proof that a McCain presidency would be four more years of Bush policies.

RNC Day 2: George W. Bush addresses GOP – via satellite

Crikey September 3, 2008

The New York Times reports that "far from being the kind of unifying sendoff and baton pass engineered for Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton", Day 2 of the RNC only highlighted "McCain’s eagerness to get the president off the stage".

Rundle08: The anarchists more organised than the GOP

Guy Rundle September 2, 2008 31 Comments

It was noon, and the major protest rally, ten thousand strong, was just starting to move from the park spread beneath the gold-tipped Capitol dome, writes Guy Rundle.

George W. Bush rescheduled to speak at RNC

Crikey September 2, 2008

It’s been announced that George W. Bush will speak at the RNC tomorrow. He had been scheduled to speak on the first day of the convention which was cancelled due to Gustav. The McCain team has been working hard to distance itself from the current administration, so there had been some speculation that the cancellation of […]

Rundle08: Welcome to the Pepsi Centre — Day 1 of the DNC

Guy Rundle August 26, 2008

The floor of the convention was full with people bopping to their various level of ability -- ie there were black people dancing, and white people shifting their bodies around like they were balancing a load of bricks on a trolley, writes Guy Rundle, on the ground at the DNC.