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The best of Abe

Crikey April 13, 2009

The six best (recent) books on Abraham Lincoln, who ranks just below Jesus and Napoleon as the most written-about character in history.

How Obama harnesses science

Crikey April 7, 2009

Obama's secret team of behavioural scientists gave him the keys to winning the election -- in white paper form complete with footnotes and peer-reviewed academic research. Nothing was left to chance.

Recession inspires US citizens to bear arms

Jeff Sparrow April 7, 2009

In the last four weeks alone, six mass shootings have killed 47 people in the United States.

US back fiddling the books on GFC

Crikey April 3, 2009

As the G20 were preening and congratulating themselves, US regulators were hard at work changing their accounting standards to placate the likes of Citigroup, writes Glenn Dyer.

Barack gave us hope… now he’s going to pay

Crikey April 2, 2009

Barack Obama brought to the presidency no more or less than any other president has ever brought. But somehow we believed he was bringing wizardry, writes Anson Cameron.

Obama leaves Chrysler running on empty

Crikey March 31, 2009

The Obama Administration's new, dramatic US car industry policy is a whack in the head with a blunt object, writes Glenn Dyer.

Obama is failing

Guy Rundle March 24, 2009 14 Comments

Only the most blinkered Obamaniac would be getting any joy from The One's current performance.

Obama’s significant shift on Israel

Guy Rundle January 28, 2009 11 Comments

The most important point in Barack Obama's first presidential interview with Al-Arabiya has been virtually unmentioned in reports on the celebrated event.

Bush’s final press conference

Crikey January 13, 2009

Watch George W. Bush's final press conference.

Bush’s final presser: A Crikey wrap

Crikey January 13, 2009

Outgoing US President George W Bush has given his final press conference, defending his record but conceding he made many mistakes.