April, 2018

The deplorable media misunderstandings of the Roseanne reboot

, Apr 05, 2018

The political backlash to Roseanne, on screen and off, is playing into the hands of the network and ignoring all that we know about media.

Will Cambridge Analytica push Facebook to its Myspace moment?

, Apr 04, 2018

As the fall of Myspace showed a decade ago, nothing is too big to fail.

Trump Slump sets in as White House chaos unnerves investors

and , Mar 29, 2018

Rather than a Trump Bump, sharemarkets are undergoing an extended slump in response to the chaos of the Trump administration as he pours deficit stimulus into an already strong economy.

Just how far did the US economy deteriorate in Trump’s first year?

, Mar 28, 2018

Despite all the trumpeting to the contrary, the US economy slid last year into rockier territory than anyone expected, and it's not clear when — or if — it will reverse.

Xi moves a pebble in China’s economy and Australia suffers an earthquake

, Mar 27, 2018

No matter the result of the economic standoff between China and the US, Xi Jinping's moves to shed China's extraordinary debt and avoid a stagnant economy are already making a mark on Australia's economy.

Trump’s greatest setback to date (no, really, this one’s important)

, Mar 26, 2018

The Republicans have lost a special election in Pennsylvania on the vote of the white working class. If the Democrats seize this moment, they could take back the House.

Our ‘draconian’ company tax rate produces yet more record jobs growth

and , Mar 23, 2018

Either Australia's jobs market is booming, or we desperately need a company tax cut. Both those things can't be true at the same time, Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane write.

Trump tax cut propels share buybacks to new all-time record

, Mar 23, 2018

Even critics of Trump's company tax cuts didn't predict just how much of them would flow into boosting share prices and looking after shareholders.

Tillerson is gone, and torture is in? A cheat sheet to Trump’s new appointments

, Mar 14, 2018

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is gone. His replacement — and in turn, their replacement — should worry you.

Facebook’s constant algorithm tweaking may push journalists away for good

, Mar 12, 2018

The affects of Facebook's pivot away from news media are being felt in earnest as publications relying on social media begin to close shop

How Trump’s historic talks with Kim Jong-un might play out

, Mar 12, 2018

We know any meeting will be eventful, but what exactly is on the agenda, and what's the likelihood of any real progress?

Turnbull lures Trump with Aussie retirement savings — but would it be a win for Australians?

, Mar 07, 2018

Turnbull is dangling a sizeable fiscal carrot in front of Trump. But will it attract a bite, and what will it mean for your retirement money?

How a US judge decided ‘artistic expression’ was a legitimate defence of discrimination

, Mar 06, 2018

A recent ruling out of the US has raised big questions about discrimination and the first amendment, but it also says a lot about our views on the nature of work.

Trump launches tariff war — and Turnbull may be a victim

, Mar 02, 2018

Donald Trump's announcement of punitive tariffs on steel imports will hurt American businesses and consumers -- and maybe Australian workers and Malcolm Turnbull as well.

Why teens’ protests over US gun laws demand serious attention

, Feb 21, 2018

US students have been making headlines recently for their vocal opposition to the nation's gun laws. And they aren't backing down.

Strange bedfellows as Syrian government moves to support US-backed fighters

, Feb 20, 2018

The Syrian government has pivoted towards helping US-supported Kurdish forces in their fight against a Turkish invasion in Northern Syria, further muddling the region's complex web of alliances.

The Year of The Dog follows a dog of a year between Australia and China

, Feb 16, 2018

It's the Lunar New Year, and hopefully a time for a fresh start for gradually darkening Australia China relations.

Dope new study examines how we can tackle bikies

, Feb 14, 2018

The problem of effective bikie laws, which have been alluding authorities for the better part of a decade, would do well to look at the undeniable affects that drug legalisation has on organised crime

Imagine if our lazy banking oligopoly had to answer to US regulators

and , Feb 07, 2018

Say what you like about the Americans, but their corporate regulators make ours look like PC Plod.

Yale Diary: religion, ecology and how to avert a disaster

, Feb 06, 2018

The recent Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale University, which promotes dialogue between faith and sciences, laid out a pathway for how to avoid planetary catastrophe.