South Africa desperately needs a viable Opposition

April 27, 2009

South Africa faces major challenges, and they can can only be surmounted by the emergence of a strong opposition.

The danger of an Israeli strike on Iran

April 27, 2009

Netanyahu recently appeared to give Obama a blunt ultimatum: Stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons -- or we will. The world should hope it's a hollow threat, writes Walt Rodgers.

The Danish Navy on the hunt

April 27, 2009

Like latter-day Vikings, the Danish Navy tours the treacherous Gulf of Aden hunting for Somali pirates. Monocle goes on board.

Taliban just 70 miles from Islamabad

April 24, 2009

Taliban militants are pushing deeper into Pakistan, established control of a strategically important district just 70 miles from Islamabad.

Ahmadinijad and the politics of genocide

April 23, 2009

Israel seems to be particularly ill-served by its Australian fan base, if the AIJAC contributions to Crikey are anything to go by, writes Guy Rundle.

Crikey Wrap: Tamil Tigers vs Sri Lanka

April 23, 2009 4

As 25 years of war reaches a crescendo in Sri Lanka, we wrap up events and the commentariat.

Sri Lanka’s military showdown: is this it?

April 23, 2009

Sri Lanka’s battle to militarily defeat the country’s separatist Tamil Tigers appears to heading towards its final moments; but is this really the end?

Why even invite Ahmadinejad to a conference on racism?

April 23, 2009

Were the UN really surprised when Ahmadinejad used their conference to accuse Israel of racism? Accusing Israel of being racist is what Ahmadinejad does, argues Will Self.

Carlill vs Rundle: Ahmadinejad, Palestine and Israel

April 22, 2009

What’s really preventing the establishment of a viable Palestinian state is a mixture of rejectionism, corruption and incompetence, writes Bren Carlill.

The ANC to continue its domination of South African politics

April 22, 2009

South Africa's voters go to the polls today to vote in their fourth post-apartheid election.