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How the Taliban could out-manoeuvre the US

Crikey May 7, 2009

Despite sending in 20,000 new troops to Afghanistan, the Taliban's stronghold on the Pakistan-Afghan border could still prove insurmountable for the US.

UN finds Israel negligent in Gaza, but won’t enquire further

UN finds Israel negligent in Gaza, but won’t enquire further

Ruth B May 6, 2009

One of the more striking features of the UN inquiry into Gaza is Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's rejection of one of its key findings: to investigate the killings and injuries that happened beyond the UN compound.

Columbia looks to ban recreational drug use

Crikey May 4, 2009

Columbia, which currently permits adult citizens to possess small amounts of drugs like marijuana and cocaine, is now looking to ban drugs completely.

Mexicans travellers face discrimination

Crikey May 4, 2009

Mexicans abroad are being quarantined and denied entry to countries, despite showing no signs of swine flu.

Egypt slaughtering all pigs to stop swine flu

Ruth B April 30, 2009

The Egyptian Government have decided to slaughter all of the country's 300,000 pigs to prevent against swine flu.

Somalian chaos: the product of international intervention

Charles Richardson April 29, 2009

The problem in Somalia hasn't been a lack of engagement: it's been engagement on the wrong side.

The continuing horror in Sri Lanka

Andrew Bartlett April 29, 2009

It is very hard for the international community to effectively intervene in this calamitous situation, but that’s no reason for barely trying at all, writes Andrew Bartlett.

Q& A with a Somali leader on dealing with pirates

Crikey April 28, 2009

Puntland leader Abdirahman Mohamed Farole discusses his plans to break the scourge of piracy in the Somali region.

What Chávez has wrought

Crikey April 28, 2009

The authoritarian socialist has brought Venezuela food shortages and massive inflation, writes Duncan Currie.

South Africa desperately needs a viable Opposition

Charles Richardson April 27, 2009

South Africa faces major challenges, and they can can only be surmounted by the emergence of a strong opposition.