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RNC Day 2: George W. Bush addresses GOP – via satellite

Crikey September 3, 2008

The New York Times reports that "far from being the kind of unifying sendoff and baton pass engineered for Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton", Day 2 of the RNC only highlighted "McCain’s eagerness to get the president off the stage".

George W. Bush rescheduled to speak at RNC

Crikey September 2, 2008

It’s been announced that George W. Bush will speak at the RNC tomorrow. He had been scheduled to speak on the first day of the convention which was cancelled due to Gustav. The McCain team has been working hard to distance itself from the current administration, so there had been some speculation that the cancellation of […]

Rundle08: The anarchists more organised than the GOP

Guy Rundle September 2, 2008 31 Comments

It was noon, and the major protest rally, ten thousand strong, was just starting to move from the park spread beneath the gold-tipped Capitol dome, writes Guy Rundle.

Rundle08: Welcome to the Pepsi Centre — Day 1 of the DNC

Guy Rundle August 26, 2008

The floor of the convention was full with people bopping to their various level of ability -- ie there were black people dancing, and white people shifting their bodies around like they were balancing a load of bricks on a trolley, writes Guy Rundle, on the ground at the DNC.

Rundle08: It’s the economy stupid

Guy Rundle July 16, 2008 1 Comment

Outside of the 400 blocks or so on Manhattan Island where it functions as a local rag, the The New Yorker is, for many people, about as visible as the Almanach de Gotha, writes Guy Rundle.

US08: Dubya unites the Democrats

Guy Rundle May 16, 2008 1 Comment

Dubya was probably always going to be the only person who could unite the Democrats, writes Guy Rundle.

Weekend weddings

Barry Everingham April 8, 2005

It’s not everyday that a fifty-something divorcee gets the Queen of England as a mother-in-law, and Camilla is making sure she’ll look the part as Charles – her lover for almost 30 years – makes an honest woman of her.