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Obama leaves Chrysler running on empty

Crikey March 31, 2009

The Obama Administration's new, dramatic US car industry policy is a whack in the head with a blunt object, writes Glenn Dyer.

Kohler: G20 takes a London leak

Crikey March 30, 2009

Having stabilised the financial system, the task of the G20 leaders now is to rescue globalisation and trade, writes Alan Kohler.

Obama is failing

Guy Rundle March 24, 2009 14 Comments

Only the most blinkered Obamaniac would be getting any joy from The One's current performance.

Obama’s significant shift on Israel

Guy Rundle January 28, 2009 11 Comments

The most important point in Barack Obama's first presidential interview with Al-Arabiya has been virtually unmentioned in reports on the celebrated event.

Bush’s final presser: A Crikey wrap

Crikey January 13, 2009

Outgoing US President George W Bush has given his final press conference, defending his record but conceding he made many mistakes.

Bush’s final press conference

Crikey January 13, 2009

Watch George W. Bush's final press conference.

What started the latest Gaza conflict?

Crikey January 7, 2009 4 Comments

What started the latest conflict the Gaza Strip? Crikey has the answers.

Farewell to Dubya, worst president ever

Bernard Keane January 7, 2009

Our laughter at the idiot who was cunning enough to steal the US presidency died in our throats as he set about inflicting profound damage on the rest of the world, writes Bernard Keane.

George W. Bush: Midnight toker

Ruth B December 17, 2008 3 Comments

Much like an end-of-season footy trip, George Bush is ramming through a series of dubious last-minute rules that could be difficult to repeal, writes Ruth Brown.

Politics in the Congo

Crikey December 2, 2008 3 Comments

What exactly is going on in the Congo? Dr David Dorward explains in the first installment of an exciting new Crikey series.