April, 2018

The cost of Facebook’s free internet in Asia-Pacific

, Apr 30, 2018

The social media monolith's efforts to grow by bringing free proprietary internet services to developing regions of the Asia Pacific has undermined press freedoms and enabled sectarian tension.

Korean cacophony makes clear-thinking on Trump impossible

, Apr 30, 2018

In the absence of hard information, ludicrous, simplistic arguments, pro- and anti-Trump, are being projected onto the event by all sides.

How does Australia stack up in punishing financial crimes?

, Apr 27, 2018

If Australian banks were to be taken on by regulators in the US or UK, it's fair to say the banks would be sweating right now.

Rudd: methodology lets down misguided analysis

, Apr 27, 2018

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd responds to Fergus Ryan's recent Crikey article.

Turnbull’s allegiance to the US creates regional tension with China

, Apr 27, 2018

Between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, the whole region is on edge.

Kevin Rudd thinks he’s still relevant to China-Australia relations

, Apr 26, 2018

Despite ongoing efforts, Rudd's populist appeals on Chinese social media aren't necessarily landing well.

Has Joe Hockey found his calling at last?

, Apr 24, 2018

A man of limited success in his political career, Ambassador Joe Hockey has now found a role where he can use his strengths.

Look at it from South Africa’s point of view …

, Apr 19, 2018

Debate in South Africa around Australia's obsession with the "plight" of white farmers has revealed that it's nobody's problem but Australia's.

There’s fat chance the US, France and UK actually want Assad gone

, Apr 17, 2018

Is there any likelihood that the Atlantic alliance really wants Assad removed? It seems unlikely, considering they wouldn't know how to replace him.

Did the missile attack on Syria really happen?

, Apr 16, 2018

Western military attacks on Syria's chemical weapons sites serve little purpose, are entirely incoherent, and part of profoundly flawed interventionist urge that plays out as ritual that may as well be fake.

Trump tax cut claims collapsing as even Republicans turn against them

, Apr 16, 2018

As the US company tax cuts bypass workers, even some Republicans are horrified at the fiscal damage they have done.

What’s stopping Trump from declaring war?

, Apr 12, 2018

Overnight, the president tweeted that Russia should "get ready" for "nice new 'smart'" missiles. Just what stands between Trump and all out war?

Syria would test any president. It is far, far beyond the abilities of Trump.

, Apr 12, 2018

As Trump contends with forever-mounting pressure at home, his already feeble hold on the Middle East continues to slacken.

Businesses don’t like it, but Turnbull is dead right about China

, Apr 12, 2018

Business and China Lobbyists can jump up and down, but the government has handled the aggressive and brutal Chinese dictatorship well.

Why did the US give the Saudi Crown Prince a rock star tour?

, Apr 12, 2018

Mohammed bin Salman seems to be engaging in a sectarian soft war, and the media are following along like puppy dogs.

The most revealing quotes from Zuckerberg’s Congress testimony

, Apr 11, 2018

Facebook has a lot to answer for here — and what they say will affect the whole tech industry.

Just what does it take to end a US presidency?

, Apr 11, 2018

People who think every new Trump scandal will be the one to end him may be in for some bad news.

Both sides reading from their scripts on Chinese aggression in Vanuatu

, Apr 11, 2018

Hysteria over non-existent Chinese bases in the Pacific is matched in the media by parroting of Beijing talking points by China boosters. Can't we do better than this?

US Republicans preside over mammoth budget blowout

and , Apr 10, 2018

Donald Trump and the Republicans have engineered a return to the trillion-dollar deficits last seen during the Great Recession that followed the GFC. And things could be even worse.

On the paradox of American power, and Trump’s next move

, Apr 10, 2018

Syria and the state of the US' economy represent two key challenges for Trump in the short term. If only the president had any power to address such things ...