June, 2017

Rundle: Corbyn couldn’t, could he? I mean, what if … no. But then, maybe?

, Jun 02, 2017

UK pollsters in the centre of the movement have remained sceptical about the scale of the poll shift toward Corbyn's Labour, but it is unmistakable.

Poll Bludger: do the young love Corbyn enough to actually vote?

, Jun 02, 2017

The latest polls actually have Labour within cooee of the Tories, thanks to a huge surge in support among young people for Jeremy Corbyn's party. But will the young actually turn out and vote?

Rundle: a sign reads ‘hustings this way’, God help me

, May 31, 2017

Long story short, Conservative Charlie Elphicke has a field day.

No amount of ‘shared values’ should force Australia to pay for America’s wars

, May 30, 2017

If NATO cannot rely on a Trump administration, should Australian leaders not see this as an opportunity to face the facts? Dr Alison Broinowski explains.

Rundle: the curious thing happening in the UK election

, May 29, 2017

Theresa May has it in the bag. Of course she does. And yet ...

On the eve of the G7, protesters and security forces square off under an uneasy Sicilian sun

, May 26, 2017

Security are hoping to keep protests far away from the G7 summit meeting in Taormina, with the shadow of Genoa looming in everyone's minds, writes freelance journalist Matthew Clayfield.

Rundle: ‘They won’t change us,’ we mutter to ourselves as the troops take the streets

, May 25, 2017

There are troops on the streets of a nation where the cops don’t carry guns. And we say terrorism won't change our way of life.

Rundle: eerie Britain in a state of stasis as Manchester bombing becomes everything

, May 24, 2017

After the Manchester bombing, it's impossible not to think: what if it happened here? Or here? Or right here?

To understand the Manchester terror attack, look to Saudi Arabia

, May 24, 2017

The West must understand that the type of unchallenged hegemony it enjoyed for a few brief years following the end of the Cold War was but a brief moment in history and has now ended.

Rundle: why Australia must advocate for Assange to be set free

, May 22, 2017

Ecuador has granted Julian Assange's asylum, the UK must honour that, and Australia must see that they do. Because no matter your opinion on the man or his recent political choices, the whole Swedish investigation has been a stitch-up from the start.

Rundle: lost in a blue haze, as the Tories launch forth to victory

, May 19, 2017

The launch went off like a bomb, and the political viagra afterglow continued all day.

Rundle: it’s shite being Scottish (and English … and even just British generally) right now

, May 18, 2017

Is Corbyn's Labour the snappy underdog, or just a dead Labrador buried beneath a lemon tree in the backyard?

The Battle for the See of Melbourne

, May 18, 2017

The Australian Church has reflected both egalitarian and authoritarian ideologies in recent times but a change is coming, writes vaticanologist Michael Hewitt-Gleeson.

If Emmanuel Macron is a neoliberal, what does that even mean?

, May 17, 2017

France's new President is playing a delicate game of balancing between centre-left and centre-right, but seems to know what he is doing.

Rundle: midnight, in a Euro-hell dreamscape

, May 17, 2017

Guy Rundle wrote on the French and British elections today. And, um ...

Rundle: Britain’s new left insurgency, though forceful, remains hobbled

, May 10, 2017

Labour's campaign rallies a little, staggers to get out of bed, and then the effort gives them another groin hernia and they slide back to horizontal once more. So it goes.

Rundle: heady hours for centrist France as Macron thumps Le Pen

, May 08, 2017

Centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron has won a convincing victory in round two of the French presidential elections, defeating National Front candidate Marine Le Pen by about 65% to 35%. The figure is somewhat better than was forecast throughout most of the lead-up to the final bout, with Macron leading Le Pen by 60%-40% in polls. […]

Rundle: Marine Le Pen is the future, not just of France, but of the modern West

, May 05, 2017

Marine Le Pen won't win this election, but her time is coming -- and soon.

Rundle: in debate, Le Pen improves on the Trump playbook to devastating effect

, May 04, 2017

Why do right-wing parties learn from and improve on each other's successes while centrists have no strategy at all and learn nothing?

The dilemma of France’s youth: vote fascist, vote technocrat or don’t vote at all?

, May 04, 2017

Unemployed, disaffected and ignored, France's youth are at a crossroads. But which candidate -- or neither -- can improve their lot? Freelance journalist Scheherazade Bloul reports.