July, 2017

A reminder that the biggest threat to privacy is…

, Jul 25, 2017

At a time of mounting concerns about cybersecurity, remember it's always your own government that's the greatest threat.

The Labor-Labour question: just how Corbyn-esque is Bill’s new inequality thought bubble?

, Jul 24, 2017

The Labor Party seems to have discovered there is inequality in this country. Is Bill Shorten really having a come-to-Jeremy conversion?

Three years on from MH17, the real culprits (not Russia) have never been held responsible

, Jul 14, 2017

Politicians like to huff and puff about Russian involvement in the downing of MH17, but it is Malaysia Airlines that should be held responsible.

An unpopular leader finally finds the courage to enact marriage equality

, Jun 28, 2017

Merkel had previously been opposed to the idea and no one thought that gay marriage would emerge as an electoral issue in the run-up to September’s election.

After Grenfell: are ‘towers’ even the best design for public housing blocks?

, Jun 22, 2017

There is a dystopian stereotype about public housing that is remarkably common, which involves putting the blame put on all those damn high-rise towers.
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How did the Australian media cover the Finsbury Park attack?

, Jun 20, 2017

Were the papers reluctant to call it "terrorism" as the alleged attacker was white and the victims were Muslim?

Rundle: as London becomes Baghdad, we will soon have to choose a side

, Jun 20, 2017

We are not far away from a different form of militancy, on the streets of Western cities, and people will be called on to make their political and moral judgements accordingly.

Should we stop building residential towers in the wake of Grenfell disaster?

, Jun 20, 2017

If no fire engine can reach up 20 storeys, should we stop building high-rise apartments?

Rundle: anguish turns to anger as London burns

, Jun 15, 2017

This hideous Grenfell Tower fire has already had a political effect, further delaying the making of a deal between the Conservatives and the DUP -- and the deal could unravel entirely.

Poll Bludger: intergenerational war is the new class conflict in the UK

, Jun 14, 2017

It's no longer so much a matter of rich versus poor, as old versus young, as the voting patterns from the recent UK general election suggest.

Rundle: how Jeremy Corbyn might have saved the UK

, Jun 13, 2017

It is all over for Theresa May -- and quite possibly for the Tories.

Corbyn-bashing ‘centrist’ media like the Guardian can jog right on

, Jun 13, 2017

What we need right now is not more centrist op-eds from out-of-touch "liberal" media outlets. What we need is a shift in press so enamoured of its own interests.

Yanks more likely to fall for fake news than Brits

, Jun 13, 2017

The proportion of Twitter links to “content from professional news services” was 53.6% in the UK election, compared to 33.5% in the Michigan sample. Journalist and media watcher Christopher Warren reports.

Rundle: singing in the pub as Corbyn pulls off what Blair never could

, Jun 09, 2017

It is now not impossible that in a week or so Jeremy Corbyn could be the next PM of the UK.

Will Macron’s fledgeling political movement break out and fly, or die in the egg?

, Jun 09, 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron faces a series of fresh challenges ahead of France's legislative elections, writes former France correspondent Richard Ogier.

Rundle: past and future ghosts at Corbyn’s last stand

, Jun 08, 2017

With 16 hours until the polls open, Jeremy Corbyn has come back to Islington for his and Labour’s campaign's final hours.

Razer and Corbyn sitting in a tree M-A-R-X-I-S-M

, Jun 08, 2017

Oi, media! It's time to write about policies, not bruschetta and jam.

Theresa May’s call to ‘regulate the internet’ is a fantasy world of insecure security

, Jun 05, 2017

Predictable calls for access to encrypted communications make us less safe, and are a cover for the security failures of authorities.

Rundle: seven people killed, and it took just 18 hours for the politics to start again

, Jun 05, 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May made a statement saying that "enough was enough" in terms of Muslim extremism. Shortly after, Jeremy Corbyn made a speech that broke the electoral "truce".