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Silvio’s risky game with his signorinas

Crikey May 3, 2009

In a public letter gleefully received by Italy's newspapers, Silvio Berlusconi's wife him of a “lack of discretion in his exercise of power which offends the credibility of all women”. And with good reason.

Thatcher’s legacy lives on

Crikey May 3, 2009

Margaret Thatcher's former Private Secretary, Lord Charles Powell, believes the Iron Lady's legacy is still going strong in Britain, and the country is all the better for it.

Banned in Beirut

Crikey May 3, 2009

Despite being named UNESCO's 2009 World Book Capital City, a long list of books, films and music are banned in Beirut.

Democracy, Kremlin style

Crikey May 3, 2009

If you're going to rig an election, either go all out Soviet-style and claim 100% of the vote, or attempt to make it a believable figure, says the New York Times.

On the ground at the Queen’s Day attack

Guy Rundle May 1, 2009 1 Comment

Ambling across Amsterdam in search of a plot to kill the Queen and journalistic greatness.

What really happens when drugs are decriminalised?

Crikey April 30, 2009

Portugal provides an answer.

Greek Cypriot refugee ruling to have profound impact on reuniting Cyprus

Crikey April 29, 2009

The European court of justice yesterday awarded a Greek Cypriot refugee the right to win back land he was forced to flee when war partitioned the island in 1974.

Leading architects tell Prince Charles off

Greg Barns April 28, 2009

When Pritzker Prize gold medal winners combine forces to condemn Prince Charles for abusing his position to influence the planning process in London, it’s a serious event.

UK cops take a (deserved) media beating

Guy Rundle April 28, 2009

What could possible have led to this sudden outbreak of awareness of the autonomously repressive nature of the police force amongst the patriotic papers?

The new war in Dagestan

Crikey April 28, 2009

Russia's North Caucasus has been plagued with violence since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Its capital Dagestan is a hotbed for terrorism and has become a new outpost for Chechen rebels.