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Nepal on the brink as PM resigns

Crikey May 5, 2009

The resignation of Nepalese PM and former Maoist rebel leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal has thrown the country into renewed turmoil, with tensions rising between former Maoist guerrillas and army chief Rookmangud Katawa.

Australia still looks to America as Asia’s sheriff

Crikey May 1, 2009

Australia may be big beneficiaries from China's industrial revolution, but our security in the region still hangs on the US, says the Economist.

Tamil Tigers’ ceasefire a “cry of desperation”

Crikey April 27, 2009

With no government reciprocation, there can be no immediate improvement in the dire situation of the civilians trapped in the Tamil Tigers' area.

Japanese in wacko jobless push

Crikey April 24, 2009

Japan has crafted a novel solution to the unemployment crisis engulfing the island nation -- send the jobless packing.

The Chinese housing bubble

Ruth B April 22, 2009

The Chinese housing market has crashed, with prices expected to fall 10-15% this year.

Indian voters hurl abuse, and dinner, at their pollies

Crikey April 20, 2009

Inspired by the Iraqi shoethrower, this election Indians are registering their dissatisfaction by throwing dinner at their politicians.

China’s green priorities overshadowed by GFC

Crikey April 20, 2009

Less than a year ago, officials were pressing the mines and factories of northern China to shut down or move away to clear the air of dust and smog for the Beijing Olympics. But environmental concerns in China have flagged.