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Are people really allowed early access to their super with no scrutiny?

Paul Keating says 'there's been no scrutiny whatsoever'. That isn't totally right. But whether the scheme represents good public policy is a different question.

Women facing violence need protection — and their visa status shouldn't matter

Women affected by domestic violence should have access to all the social support they require. Visa status shouldn't get in the way of that.

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NSW's new greyhound 'welfare' code offers anything but

The NSW government wants to water down existing greyhound welfare requirements in a new code of practice for the greyhound racing industry that would confine dogs to tiny cages at all times.

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Government loses sight of the real goal on childcare — and stuffs the politics as well

The Coalition bungled its stimulus announcement and it looks like it'll bungle any chance of reforming the sector too.

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Hundreds of hours and an uphill battle for the vulnerable to access social services

Vulnerable groups applying for social services face massive wait times and an incredibly complex application process. And the problem is only getting worse.

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What is robodebt?

There are many questions about the government's controversial robodebt scheme. Let's start with what it actually is.

Secretary of Social Services Kathryn Campbell (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

What public servants knew — and when they knew it — needs robodebt inquiry

Why did the government undertake robodebt when there were major questions about its legality? Regardless of Friday's backflip, an inquiry is needed to establish the origin of the debacle.

'I could be dead by then': slow NDIS support puts thousands of lives at risk

Advocates say the disability sector has been largely ignored in government plans to combat coronavirus. The ramifications could be deadly.

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Lack of 'duty of care' proves voters are right to not trust government

The government says it owes no duty of care to welfare recipients. No wonder Australian citizens are feeling alienated.

Expansion of aged care funding has been a boon for private providers, leaving seniors wanting

As government spending on both residential aged care and home care has increased, private providers have been the main beneficiaries. And complaints have soared.

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