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Democracy prevails in a time of social distancing — for now

More than 3 million Queenslanders are soon set to vote in local government and state byelections. How is this supposed to work?

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Polls apart: rumours of Ardern's demise greatly exaggerated in Australia

As New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern visits Australian shores, News Corp would like you to think she's lagging back home. The polls say differently.

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The bushfire culture war presents a huge challenge for leaders in marginal seats

These areas are the litmus test of Australian politics. What do they think of the ongoing crisis?

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The polling industry starts its recovery process

The leading name in Australian opinion polling has launched a major methodological overhaul, but will it be enough to silence skeptics?

Federal opposition leader Anthony Albanese. (Image: AAP/Albert Perez)

It's about ethics in polling journalism

Australian polling is still reeling from the election, but that doesn't mean you should write off Anthony Albanese's latest Newspoll.


No better illustration of a 'Canberra bubble' than Newspoll silliness

Australian polls aren't just unreliable — the majority of voters pay little attention to politics, so claims that sentiment shifts from week to week are impossible to prove.

Can we trust Newspoll's latest analysis?

The pollster has placed the Coalition soundly ahead in its first analysis since the shock federal election result. But without an explanation of how its methods have changed since the election, will anybody believe it?

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Political polling is having an existential crisis

Pollsters now face a serious challenge in restoring their credibility, and there is no indication this can be accomplished with existing methods.

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Can we still trust political polling?

In the wake of a shock election result, the public have been left wondering how the polls got it so wrong — and if we can rely on them in the future.

(Image: AAP/Bianca de Marchi/Tracey Nearmy)

Coalition recovery is too little, too late

It would take something special for the Coalition to win it from here. Still, the fog of war is thick enough that the full range of possibilities needs to be countenanced.

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