That Walk

June 11, 2000

During the week we received a number of mails suggesting that perhaps we a front for ATSIC or another apologist media outlet. At crikey we like debate. So in true crikey style we are publishing the following piece from John 'Kojak' Pasquarelli on his alternative view on that bridge walk.

A New Party on the Non-Labor Side of Politics ?

June 11, 2000

Sick to death with the current state of political parties in this country. Not aligned with a union or an old boys network ? Well this story might just be the pick-me up you need.

Two Takes On The Reconciliation Walk

June 4, 2000

We had an excellent reaction to Jason Bryce's first piece on the reconciliation walk and he has followed up with another terrific piece on Charles Perkins. Jason's Aboriginal wife Tilly Crawford has followed up with her own personal account of the walk.

Walking For John Howard

June 4, 2000

Who were the real winners from the great Harbour Bridge walk for Corroboree 2000?

Our Sorry Prime Minister

June 4, 2000

After joining a quarter of a million people on the Reconciliation Walk last weekend, Hillary has two suggestions for the PM - sack Tex and have a very careful think about your own future.

‘Come and get it !’ – Hillary Bray Serves It Up

June 4, 2000

Are you hungry ? Well the Hillary Bray soup kitchen has just opened for business and there is plenty for everybody !

The Shadow Minister Doth Protest Too Much

June 4, 2000

Hugh Martin responds to Victor Perton's protest over claims he is a wired wanker.

Insider Dumps On Queensland Libs

May 28, 2000

Crikey does not know the bloke who wrote this piece on the shenanigans surrounding the Queensland senate vacancy but it's a hell uva good read.

Hillary Bray: He/She Is The Best

May 28, 2000

They seek him/her here, they seek him/here there, they seek him/her everywhere, that dashed hillary bray ! Another ourstanding piece from hillary.

The Virtual Future Of Campaigning

May 21, 2000

Political guru turned net spruiker Dick Morris was Down Under last week but is net politics really all it is made out to be.