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Keeping the Bastards honest Democrats style

July 15, 2001

With the Packers shovelling $25,000 into Democrat bank accounts this week it seems that someone needs to keep these bastards honest. That person is Hillary Bray who has been digging deep into Democrat funding hypocrisies.

The web of links, the backdowns and the Royal Commission pup

July 1, 2001

Finance broker campaigner has pulled together one of the best pieces you'll ever read on the web of connections and compromises in Australia's finance industry as scandals break out all over the place

Melbourne Clown Hall: A rush to judgment?

June 17, 2001

With Crikey running to be Lord Mayor of Melbourne, freelancer Terry Maher is providing our independent coverage of the campaign.

If HIH gets a Royal Commission what about this $4 billion loss

May 20, 2001

Mortgage broker campaigner Denise Brailey is a true Crikey hero and in her latest excellent column she is calling for a probe into the losses of up to $4 billion in a variety of dodgy mortgage schemes.

Banned again: get off this public space says Labor

May 6, 2001

The $5000 Crikey man was ejected from Melbourne Park recently as we tried to hand out flyers to guests leaving the $110 a head Labor True Believers dinner.

A vision-free rodent as Libs plan union-bashing campaign

May 6, 2001

Another week, another great column from Crikey's site-making insider, Hillary Bray.

As ASIC fiddles, bring on the finance broker Royal Commission

April 22, 2001

Denise Brailey, Australia's very own Erin Brockovitch, has put together a very interesting piece explaining some of things Ken Court, Richard's brother, has been up to.

Vast majority oppose the Sharon ban

April 22, 2001

Steve Bracks's Media Director Sharon McCrohan has received about 300 emails for banning Crikey from a John Brumby press conference recently. Here is an early sample of what she was told.

Herron to go, Ah Satan, Foxtel counter-offer and Hillary glossary

April 1, 2001

Another week, another enormous pile of fascinating political gossip from Hillary Bray that putsher top of the Crikey billing in our April 1 edition.

Don’t blame the Afgans for all out drug problems

April 1, 2001

Budding journalist Rory Cahill is a solid lefty and follower of international news. Whilst some of this might constitute a rave, it is nevertheless an insightful and thoughtful piece about the war on the drugs.