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The GST sleepers awake

Crikey March 4, 2001

Hillary was still optimistic about the government's chances until this week when the disastrous Coles Myer result turned her bearish.

Staffers jump ship, Wentworth, Dems, Brumby and Buffy witchhunt

Crikey March 4, 2001

With defeat looking imminent, staffers are jumping the Howard ship at a great rate. Hillary Bray reports on this and many other juicy political morsels.

PM plays the economic vandal, Natasha, Katter, O’Chee, Bishop and One Nation

Crikey March 4, 2001

How does she cover so much territory across the country and hold down that job in the Mininsterial Wing in Canberra? Give Hillary 15 minutes of your time and you'll be more than enlightened on Oz politics.

When is someone going to sack Ron Walker?

Crikey March 4, 2001

Hugo Kelly is one of the best writers we know and he's pulled together an excellent analysis of the whole sorry Grand Prix saga.

There’s more to a campaign than rorts you dills

Crikey February 18, 2001

Liberal loyalist Tom Payne is still angry after he handed out how-to-vote cards for 10 hours on election day in Queensland and saw his party get blown away. After venting his spleen last week, Tom has provided a thoughtful update which all Conservatives in Queensland should read.

Dying Democrats, the Hanson debate and Beattie apologists

Crikey February 18, 2001

The best political emails to crikey of the week.

Labor heavyweights win free subs for mentions

Crikey February 18, 2001

Three Labor heavyweights have become embroiled in a subscriptions for comment scandal after taking up Hillary Bray's offer to mention us in Senate Estimates.

Victorian taxpayers send $18m a year to Ecclestone’s tax haven

Crikey February 18, 2001

It has taken eight years, but at last Crikey can publicly reveal one of the most sought after numbers in Victorian politics. Our excellent sources tell us that Bernie Ecclestone receives $18 million a year from us taxpayers for the right to run the annual grand prix in a public park.

If Labor could dump Hayden, the Dems can try Aden

Crikey February 18, 2001

The Democrats are in disarray and Hillary reckons their best chance might be to install Aden Ridgeway into the top job whilst consigning Mystic Meg to the GST dust bin.

One good turn deserves another for the media tart

Crikey February 4, 2001

When is the Queensland media going to start giving Peter Beattie the bollocking he deserves for his gutless preference strategy and constant stunts? Hillary Bray wants answers now.