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Vast majority oppose the Sharon ban

Crikey April 22, 2001

Steve Bracks's Media Director Sharon McCrohan has received about 300 emails for banning Crikey from a John Brumby press conference recently. Here is an early sample of what she was told.

Don’t blame the Afgans for all out drug problems

Crikey April 1, 2001

Budding journalist Rory Cahill is a solid lefty and follower of international news. Whilst some of this might constitute a rave, it is nevertheless an insightful and thoughtful piece about the war on the drugs.

Herron to go, Ah Satan, Foxtel counter-offer and Hillary glossary

Crikey April 1, 2001

Another week, another enormous pile of fascinating political gossip from Hillary Bray that putsher top of the Crikey billing in our April 1 edition.

Tony Abbott’s Burkean verbosity

Crikey April 1, 2001

A special Crikey correspondent takes a detailed look at some of Tony Abbott's philosophical musings.

Greens and Labor get set for Senate majority

Crikey April 1, 2001

Does anyone remember what a disaster the Tasmanian Greens were in power? Hillary Bray reckons it is about time we focused on the prospect of the Greens controlling holding the balance of power in the Senate. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Brailey asks: why so hush hush on the Telethon losses?

Crikey April 1, 2001

Denise Brailey is the one-singlemum-band that helped bring down the Court Government in Western Australia by exposing some dodgy finance brokers that had big links into the Liberal Cabinet. She single-handedly has triggered a Royal Commission and as the scandal goes national she updates us on some more dodgy behaviour.

How one single mum battled a $1billion fraud

Crikey March 18, 2001

She was almost elected to the WA Parliament, now finance broker campaigner Denise Brailey is really prodding the Howard government and ASIC into action as elderly investors could face losses exceeding $1 billion with dodgy finance brokers.

Hanson, hell and high water

Crikey March 18, 2001

John Pasquarelli is a former Liberal adviser who embraced Pauline Hanson and wrote her notorious Maiden speech. Now he's back in the folding painting the picture he thinks will unfold at the Federal election. Ironically, he is carving out the same protest turf that the Crikey party will be targeting - but with vastly different policies.

With $5 billion in profits what is $120m a year?

Crikey March 18, 2001

The Bracks government in Victoria is considering a $4000 per machine super tax on the state's 30,000 poker machines which would go some way to clawing back the $5 billion in capital profits Tabcorp, Tattersalls and Crown have made.

Foot in mouth epidemic hits Ryan

Crikey March 18, 2001

The pollsters got it wrong, wrong, wrong in Ryan and will be struggling to extract their feet from their mouths for some time, says Hillary Bray.