The polls, the polls!

July 20, 2004

The Bomber bombs while Iron Mark rusts away? Not quite.

Malcolm Farr, political leaders and rumours

July 15, 2004

Is Malcolm Farr being inconsistent in the way he treated John Howard and Mark Latham when they spread rumours about themselves. Political gossip Jannette Hazel examines the issues.

Rupert Murdoch – freedom fighter?

July 11, 2004

Who would have thought Rupert Murdoch would become a champion in fighting the Howard Government over Freedom of Information? Read on.

Santo’s Dream Team delusions

July 9, 2004

Crikey is awarding the gong for loopiest political column of the year to The Australian's Ross Fitzgerald for reasons that Barry Bananas is only too happy to explain.

Latham and the dirt debate

July 7, 2004

Mark Latham's colourful background has kept the media very busy over the last few days and Crikey has been watching the whole sorry affair from the safety of our bunker. See how drama unfolded in the subscriber only emails here:

Boilermaker Bill’s Macquarie St musings

July 2, 2004

The Second Commandment “You can tell when a budget passes the McKell test … It does pass the McKell test.” Craig Knowles, Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, about last week’s Budget, not doing quite enough to score a Subs for Mention. Goodbye Tony, Hello Eric Last week, Tony Burke, one of Labor’s leading lights in […]

Clearing the decks for August?

June 25, 2004

John Howard is so desperate to dash to the polls, he will force both Houses of Parliament to sit over the weekend - here comes the August poll

Yet more from Hillary on August 7

June 23, 2004

All this August 7 talk is guesswork - but it's educated guesswork.

Greens and questions of trust

June 23, 2004

Shrubhuggers seem to make us green around the gills. Why?

Peter Garrett and the Murdoch press

June 16, 2004

Over the long weekend Crikey had a special Saturday edition of our subscriber only email to keep Crikey fans busy. After all they did have all that extra time on their hands. Here's a sample of some of our Garrett coverage: