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Craig Emerson is on the warpath

Crikey September 13, 2005

Not to be missed in this morning’s Australian is an op-ed piece by Labor MP Craig Emerson under the arresting title “John Howard is a socialist.” The headline may be a sub-editor’s work, but the article lives up to its promise. Emerson pulls no punches: “Only John Howard could deliver the socialist dream: a welfare […]

Privatising Japan’s post office

Crikey September 13, 2005

As a long term Japan resident (as a company director) I read with interest Charles Richardson’s article titled “Japan shows the way of privatisation.” The official vote tallies are not out yet, however Japanese language media has been continuing to report figures similar to the earlier reports which were translated and published in the NYT. […]

Natasha kicks it to the boys

Crikey September 12, 2005

It may have escaped the attention of much of the media, but a feisty speech given by Natasha Stott-Despoja in the Senate last week has certainly got people talking. Minor chaos broke out in the Upper House last Thursday when Democrats leader Lyn Allison introduced an amendment to a motion supporting women’s rights to sexual […]

Democracy, good ol’ Queensland style

Crikey September 12, 2005

The Queensland Legislative Council chamber has been gathering dust since 1922 – and now Premier Peter Beattie is considering constitutional amendments that Clerk of the Senate Harry Evans has described as “dangerous and unnecessary.” Oddly enough, the issue hasn’t been covered in the Courier-Mail. Instead, the yarn has popped up in The Independent Monthly, a […]

The incumbents are gaining ground

Crikey September 12, 2005

Prime minister Koizumi’s landslide victory in Japan could be part of a general pattern of movement back towards incumbents in this month’s elections. Despite what they’ve been telling the pollsters in the intervening period, when people finally focus on the election in the last week or two it looks as if they prefer the devil […]

Japan shows the way on privatisation

Crikey September 12, 2005

Yesterday’s election in Japan resulted in a landslide victory for Junichiro Koizumi’s incumbent Liberal Democratic Party. I can’t find any official vote totals yet, but The New York Timesreports that the LDP has won 296 of the 480 seats, against 113 for the main opposition party (see here for a dramatic pie-chart.) Together with its […]

Christian Kerr’s political snippets

Crikey September 12, 2005

Biofuels taskforce – too little, too late: We’re still waiting for the results of the Prime Minister’s taskforce on biofuels. What is it, nearly three months late now? Seems a tad tardy with ethanol in the news and petrol prices going through the roof. Nuclear greenies: We’re sorry to have missed the Liverpool City Council […]

The Peter Costello cargo cult

Crikey September 12, 2005

Will last week’s Start Your Own Cargo Cult practical in Aceh prove useful to Peter Costello when Parliament sits today? The Prime Minister is off in New York for the world leaders’ summit at the UN and Nationals leader Mark Vaile will be acting in his place. Vaile turned in a cringe-making performance in Question […]

Shuffling at Jackson Wells Morris

Crikey September 11, 2005

There’s movement aplenty at PR and lobbying outfit Jackson Wells Morris. After five years as a director and shareholder in JWM, the PM’s former chief of staff Grahame Morris has taken up a lucrative offer from PricewaterhouseCoopers and is in the process of moving his family back to Canberra to be chairman of its newly […]

Want to take part in the NZ election?

Crikey September 9, 2005

How do you fancy your skills as a campaign strategist? Want to take part in the NZ election? Now you can – without even leaving your PC. Click here.