Sideshow Bob and Senator Santo pick on the ABC

November 3, 2005

Queensland Liberal Santo Santoro and Greens’ leader Bob Brown share an obsession with the ABC’s news and current affairs output. Senator Santo frets and worries about bias and the use of banned words and phrases like “ours” and Senator Bob frets and obsesses about the bias against the Greens. As we reported yesterday Senator Santo […]

Politics beats principle in the security stakes

November 2, 2005

While one old mare was captivating the nation yesterday, another was digging around Parliament for the next scoop. It’s no surprise that Australia’s most politics-obsessed gallery denizen, Michelle Grattan, scurried off for an interview with Kim Beazley while the focus was on Flemington. And the Opposition’s wheezing windbag – the political equivalent of a draught […]

The story behind the story: De-Anne’s dramas

November 2, 2005

Veteran’s Affairs Minister and Nationals MP De-Anne Kelly isn’t exactly popular with her Coalition colleagues, going by stories in The Australian, The Sydney Morning Heraldand The Age this morning. Victorian Liberal Senator Mitch Fifield slammed Kelly in the party room yesterday, criticising her comments in a newspaper article that Barnaby Joyce’s vote against the Government […]

Stanhope’s site scratched at the barrier

November 2, 2005

It appears ACT chief minister John Stanhope’s website was the first scratching on Cup Day. Hackers crashed Stanhope’s site and the chief minister let out a howl of protest. The site was back up today, including the infamous draft terror legislation, but the attack has shaken up ACT Government operatives, who smell a political motive. […]

Beazley won’t mention the war either

November 2, 2005

I’ve criticised John Howard in the past for his insistence that the threat of terrorism in Australia has nothing to do with the Iraq war, which I think is clearly dishonest. But at least in Howard’s case his motives are comprehensible. What are we to make of Kim Beazley running the same line? Here’s Beazley […]

Is anti-Catholicism finally dead?

November 2, 2005

George Bush looks set for a battle in the Senate to secure confirmation of his new supreme court choice, conservative justice Samuel Alito. The risk of Alito producing a major shift in the court’s balance of power will rally Bush’s opponents, but they have been wrong-footed by the fact that he is obviously better qualified […]

Christian Kerr’s political snippets

November 2, 2005

It’s the Pitts: Much scepticism over yesterday’s claim by Labor in the SMH that the Libs will only face a five per cent swing in the upcoming by-election in J-Bro’s old seat of Pittwater. More like 20, some locals say – closer to the 1986 outcome when Jim Longley nearly lost to surfer and local […]

The huge list of fired NSW bureaucrats

November 2, 2005

Has there been a government in history that has sacked so many bureaucrats and so few Ministers as the NSW Labor administration over the past 12 years? How's this for a long list?

Why Labor’s state leaders should thank Howard and Costello

November 1, 2005

Poor Robert Doyle. And poor Matt Birney, poor Bob Quinn and poor Rob Kerin. The Victorian polling is just one of a series of Morgan surveys showing the sun is still shining on the Labor state administrations. You barely have to look beyond the headlines: “WA ALP Primary Support Down 1% to 41.5% But Gallop […]

The latest from the tax wars

November 1, 2005

Bracket creep could be eliminated, giving the average worker an extra $14 a week, according to economic analysts Econtech, The Daily Telegraph reports today. “Bracket creep, where workers earning close to income thresholds are pushed into a higher tax bracket, could be eliminated by linking tax brackets to wage growth,” the Telegraph report says. “The […]