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Part 1: Kennett's carnival is over

CrikeyOct 3, 2002

The first extract from an as yet unpublished book by Kevin Balshaw, a senior staffer in Jeff Kennett's office during the term of his government 1992-99, which sets out to examine not only the Kennett years but the changing dynamics of Australian politics.

Did Peter Nattrass call a senior copper for an opponent's criminal record

CrikeyOct 1, 2002

Perth Lord Mayor Peter Nattrass finds himself in an interesting situation on the question of whether he asked a senior copper for the criminal record of a political opponent who'd been to jail seven times.

Is Helen Hodgson readying herself to join a new party?

CrikeySep 22, 2002

The chaos in the Democrats just gets worse. National Treasurer Helen Hodgson has just quit and launched an amazing spray on the budgetary management under Britney's leadership. We can exclusively bring you her resignation letter which was penned last week and sent to National President Liz Osama.

Dispatches from all the hot spots (in the Democrats war)

CrikeySep 22, 2002

Hillary Bray and Crikey cartoonist Mark Cornwall have unloaded on all sorts of people in this week's double act.

Ellison, Campbell and Johnston move on Young Libs out West

CrikeySep 15, 2002

Crikey continues to be fed intriguing stories about the WA Libs from a WIDE VARIETY of sources. This time it is "Yuri Young Liberal" dishing the dirt.

Party record and GST vote will get boring Bartlett across the line

CrikeySep 15, 2002

Amid all the bile and abuse that constitutes the Democrats spat, here is a reasonably level-headed assessment of the current leadership ballot between Senators Andrew Bartlett and Brian Greig.

The Wild West turns up wonderful sagas

CrikeySep 11, 2002

The West Australian Liberal Party is a shambles as this insider's account reveals.

Bracks and Carr bang the tough on crime drum

CrikeySep 9, 2002

Crikey's Crime Correspondent, Hugo Kelly, reports that Bob Carr and Steve Bracks are gearing up for election campaigns fought on a non-existent crime wave.

Hawkie can't be impressed with Beattie's strongarm tactics

CrikeySep 8, 2002

Peter Beattie has just settled his pay dispute with Queensland police but his action along the way has reminded many observers how Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen used to run the state and it ain't pretty.

The power behind Brian Greig's throne

CrikeyAug 25, 2002

Brian Greig's unlikely ascension to the Democrats throne was instigated by one powerful player - former porn lobbyist and fellow gay rights activist John Davey.

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