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Last harrah for Senate Estimates

CrikeyApr 30, 2005

The Senate Estimates hearing following the Budget will the last for quite a while when the government of the day does not control their conduct. So, as the journal for political playe

Joh, Japanese developers and communist hacks

One of Joh's chooks writes:Apr 29, 2005

Interested to read your piece about the Penthouse article on Joh and the Iwasaki land deal in Yeppoon. I was working as a journo in Rockhampton at the time on the Morning Bull

The outing of Liberal Lyneham

A press gallary veteran writes:Apr 29, 2005

Paul Lyneham was outed as a Young Liberal long before his death. John Button did it at some debate they took part in – one of those comedy fundraiser things where Lyneham applied h

Rats in the ranks

CrikeyApr 29, 2005

The press gallery is hardly the place you'd expect to find a rodent in Parliament House. The upcoming visit from the rat inspector is apparently more likely to turn up carpet beetles,

Christian Kerr's Consulting Room

CrikeyApr 29, 2005

Dear Christian: Just wondering whether there is any hope on the horizon for the Democrats as a political force in Australia?Dear Sean: Yes – but probably

Robert Doyle’s brave face

Political correspondent Christian Kerr writes:Apr 29, 2005

Senior Victorian Liberals have been badly burnt today – but only because they laughed so much over the feature in

Stay abreast of issues with Crikey

Christian Kerr writes:Apr 29, 2005

No names, but we’re very amused by the tale of a staffer to a federal minister who is about to undergo breast reduction surgery – and is holding a party to farewell them. Or some

Blair feels the election heat

CrikeyApr 29, 2005

The British election campaign has exploded into life after yesterday's accusations that Tony Blair misled parliament over advice he received from the attorney-general, Lord Goldsmith, o

Matt Birney, endangered species?

Christian Kerr writes:Apr 29, 2005

Will the new Western Australian Liberal Leader Matt Birney’s career be over before it has begun?The Libs in the west have long opposed the Chartist nonsense of one vote-on

NSW Liberal strife on the boil

By Christian KerrApr 29, 2005

The intervention of the NSW Liberal Women’s Council intervention in the IVF debate

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