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The Queensland Libs take on Big Brother

Christian Kerr writes:Jun 17, 2005

We think Queensland Liberal deputy Bruce Flegg is getting on the god-botherers' latest bandwagon with this media release (shame he couldn't be bothered to proof it):En

The nuclear debate sparks up

Christian Kerr writesJun 17, 2005

A stroppy staffer emails “Your piece in today's Crikey strongly suggests the Albanese motion at NSW State Conference was just anti-nukes. Wrong.” “The motion includ

The Greens and Petro's plans

Christian Kerr writes:Jun 17, 2005

Full marks for thinking to Greens Senator Kerry Nettle for introducing matching legislation to the Petro Georgio

Crikey previews the NT election

CrikeyJun 17, 2005

Christian Kerr writes: The unthinkable seems set to happen – the Northern Territory's first Labor government seems set to be returned

Could the states go it alone financially?

By Stephen MayneJun 16, 2005

With John Howard about to embark on his great centralist dream, it's worth contemplating what would happen if an all-out war broke out in federal-state relations?In Parli

Wayne Swan and Labor's "reasonable" election loss

Christian Kerr, Crikey's political correspondent, writes:Jun 16, 2005

What planet is shadow treasurer Wayne Swan living on? His book Postcodes: The Splint

The sub-plots behind Petro's pitch

By political correspondent Christian KerrJun 16, 2005

Petro Georgiou will make his first major public appearance since releasing his private member's bill on mandatory detention tomorrow evening when he speaks at a forum organised by A

Christian Kerr's political snippets

CrikeyJun 16, 2005

NSW Liberal mutterings Two exciting new conspiracy theories are emerging from the NSW Liberals – claims of secret meetings between state director Graha

The origins of the name SIEV X

CrikeyJun 16, 2005

Tony Kevin, author of A Certain Maritime Incident: the Sinking of SIEV X, writes: Yesterday John Gill wrote: I believe that the acronym SIEV-X stands f

International law – rounding up the offenders

Crikey psephologist Charles Richardson writes:Jun 16, 2005

It was a full house last night at Melbourne University to hear international law professor Philippe Sands deliver the 2005 Law School Alumni Lecture "