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Richardson's predictions reflections

CrikeyOct 12, 2004

You can check out Charles Richardson's original election predictions here and the following is his post mortem of his predictions and the final result:

The Greens fall short of the mark

CrikeyOct 11, 2004

The Greens can only be disappointed with their showing at the Federal election and must urgently consider their status as a professional protest movement stuck out on the far left of Australian politics.

JF Smith lashes the Labor luddites

CrikeyOct 11, 2004

The Crikey editor still doesn't know who JF Smith ia but any search of our archive throws up a fascinating cross-section of articles. We always thought he was a loyal Labor man but after this extraordinary spray he's clearly fallen out of love with the Bruvvas. Read on.

Wentworth, David Patch and Israel

CrikeyOct 10, 2004

We had a pretty good election at Crikey but in pumping out 12,000 words a day to subscribers, the odd unfair attack slips through and the worst stitch up we fell for was an anonymous attack on David Patch, Labor's candidate in Wentworth, who we now owe an apology too. Read on for all the details.

Crikey election survey & voting disclosure

CrikeyOct 8, 2004

The results for Crikey's final election survey are in and the Crikey Crew reveals how they'll be voting on October 9:

Charles Richardson's final predictions

CrikeyOct 8, 2004

Our expert number cruncher takes you through the likely state by state outcomes from tomorrow's election and also finishes with a biting commentary on Australia's political leadership.

The best of Crikey's politics lists

CrikeyOct 5, 2004

For easy reference we've gathered together some of our best political lists...

Boilermaker Bill's Labour Day Lament

CrikeyOct 4, 2004

One week out, Boilermaker Bill reviews the election campaign so far:

Hugo Kelly in Eden-Monaro

CrikeyOct 3, 2004

Crikey's man in the Press Gallery, Hugo Kelly, is spending the election campaign in the nearby marginal seat of Eden-Monaro and reports that we're still on a knife-edge.

Medicare Gold follies

CrikeyOct 3, 2004

Future income security policy and health care policy should be integrated rather than treated separately, as political editor Christian Kerr explains.

https://www.crikey.com.au/2004/10/03/medicare-gold-follies/ == https://www.crikey.com.au/free-trial/==https://www.crikey.com.au/subscribe/

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