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Our Sorry Prime Minister

CrikeyJun 4, 2000

After joining a quarter of a million people on the Reconciliation Walk last weekend, Hillary has two suggestions for the PM - sack Tex and have a very careful think about your own future.

Hillary Bray: He/She Is The Best

CrikeyMay 28, 2000

They seek him/her here, they seek him/here there, they seek him/her everywhere, that dashed hillary bray ! Another ourstanding piece from hillary.

Insider Dumps On Queensland Libs

CrikeyMay 28, 2000

Crikey does not know the bloke who wrote this piece on the shenanigans surrounding the Queensland senate vacancy but it's a hell uva good read.

The Virtual Future Of Campaigning

CrikeyMay 21, 2000

Political guru turned net spruiker Dick Morris was Down Under last week but is net politics really all it is made out to be.

How Would You Like To Be Bill Clinton's Friend ?

CrikeyMay 21, 2000

Bill Clinton's former master spinner Dick Morris was in Australia last week. It would be interesting to hear his explanation for the death of so many Clinton associates over the years. This arrived via the net last week and we don't rely on it. Interesting stuff all the same.

What Really Happened In Benalla

CrikeyMay 21, 2000

Warrenbayne farmer Bill Hill got almost seven per cent of the vote in the Benalla by-election. Today he looks back proudly on the events that eventually led to Labor winning the seat for the first time.

Lashings Of Egg All Over Blair's Face

CrikeyMay 21, 2000

Crikey's Westminster correspondent has leapt back into action for an insightful piece on the election of "Red Ken" Livingstone as Mayor of London in the biggest setback Tony Blair has suffered since becoming PM.

Four Corners Goes After Richard Court

CrikeyMay 7, 2000

He was such a maverick even the West Australian Labor Party expelled him but Crikey is quite happy to run truckloads of copy from Graeme Campbell as part of our push into WA politics. Here he dumps on Four Corners for chasing a hatchet job on Ken Court, the brother of Liberal Premier Richard Court.

Every Dog Has His Day

CrikeyMay 7, 2000

Budget Special Report

Where Former Cabinet Ministers Work In The Private Sector

Stephen MayneMar 26, 2000

The Crikey Team compile their first political list: Politicians on public super and private salaries

https://www.crikey.com.au/2000/03/26/where-former-cabinet-ministers-work-in-the-private-sector-2/ == https://www.crikey.com.au/free-trial/==https://www.crikey.com.au/subscribe/

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