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The future of the House of Review

Christian Kerr writes:May 25, 2005

Senate Estimates this week has been looking at how much the GG's

The refugee revolt – but what happens next?

By Christian KerrMay 25, 2005

I've thought for years that Petro Georgiou is the coolest member of the House of Representatives. Not only is he a brilliant, ruthless campaign strategist, he's the man who had the v

When is opposition not opposition

By Christian KerrMay 25, 2005

It's hard to beat John Howard and the Government in the weasel words department, but that's just what Labor under Kim Beazley have done. In fact, they've gone one step better – they'v

Malcolm Turnbull: what the waiter saw

A waiter at a Sydney eastern suburbs café writes:May 25, 2005

A few weeks back Malcolm Turnbull walked into my work and ordered some tea. When I went over to his table I thought "why not" and had a chat with him. I thought he might be some rich sn

Brogden gets assertive

By Christian KerrMay 25, 2005

We know we should be reporting on the NSW budget, but Crikey reaches parts of the body politic that other publications just don't reach to quench its readers' thirst for knowledge. So l

Ideas above his station?

By Christian KerrMay 24, 2005

Greg Hunt, the Member for Flinders, is one of the Coalition's Bright Young Things. He's a former adviser to Alexander Downer who took over Peter Reith's seat in 2001, and serves as P

Drought proof Australia – or idiot proof public policy?

By Christian KerrMay 24, 2005

Drought is a fact of life in Australia. A century and a half ago my great, great grandfather, the Surveyor-General for the Colony of South Australia, drew what is known as Goyder's L

What future the House of Review?

By Christian Kerr, political correspondentMay 24, 2005

Charles and Camilla haven't got their wedding gift from their loyal objects in the antipodes yet? OK, it's a novelty story – but it shows the depth and detail of investigations by

Roll call – for who?

By Christian KerrMay 24, 2005

Now this is interesting timing. A rumour reaches Crikey that Australia Post is keen to take over the administration of the electoral roll – but first, some comments from Antony Gree

The bludging Green MP in public housing

By Stephen MayneMay 23, 2005

The toy parliament that is the ACT Legislative Assembly really does come up with some strange stories. Hot on the heels of the graffiti artist who was advising chief minister John Stanh