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Bite-sized meaty political chunks

Christian Kerr writes:Jul 15, 2005

Crikey understands that Barry Jones’s National Press Club appearance this week was, er, held over as there were only eight – count ‘em – confirmed acceptances. Perhaps the idea of shelling out $50 to hear a figure who helped get the ALP into its current mess talk about the future of the Labor Party was […]

Messiahs need to practise too

Christian Kerr writes:Jul 15, 2005

Here’s some more useful advice for would-be saviours of the Labor Party. Not all the government marginals are in Victoria. Here are some north of the border they should be able to win if they’re as sh*t hot as they like to think. In Queensland, there’s Bonner, Bowman, Moreton, Petrie, Dickson, Longman, Hinkler, and Herbert, […]

Another vacancy on the US supreme court?

Crikey psephologist Charles Richardson writes:Jul 15, 2005

US Chief Justice William Rehnquist was released from hospital overnight, amid continuing speculation that his resignation is imminent (here ). Rehnquist is 80 and suffering from throat cancer, but he’s still playing his cards close to his chest. George W Bush’s spokesman said the White House only learned about his hospitalisation when they saw it […]

UK Tories miss out again

Crikey psephologist Charles Richardson writes:Jul 15, 2005

Further bad news this morning for Britain’s Conservative Party, with its failure to win a seat from the Liberal Democrats in the Cheadle by-election. (BBC report here.) Cheadle is good middle-class territory in the southern suburbs of Manchester, and was the most marginal seat in the country in 2001, when the Lib Dems’ Patsy Calton […]

1 old cop + 1 bungled probe = “horrfying reading”

Christian Kerr writes:Jul 15, 2005

The politics of Palmer are relatively simple. As David Marr writes in today’s Sydney Morning Herald: This is the report of an old cop into a bungled investigation that makes horrifying reading. Mick Palmer’s 220-page verdict on the work and attitudes of the Immigration Department is so tough, it makes the clamour of refugee advocates […]

The kinder, gentler Amanda Vanstone?

Christian Kerr writes:Jul 15, 2005

Once upon a time I used to try to advise Amanda Vanstone on her personal presentation. I’ve been shocked at how neat and demure the embattled immigration minister has looked in her public appearances over the last 18 hours, so just had to talk to Crikey’s cosmetics correspondent, a grooming and deportment expert. Their view? […]

Swanee! How I love you, how I love my dear ol’ Swanee…

Christian Kerr writes:Jul 14, 2005

Ross Fitzgerald’s song of praise to Wayne Swan in The Australian today is as rose tinted as anything George Gershwin ever wrote: The birds are singin’, it is song time The banjos strummin’ soft and low I know that you Yearn for me too Swanee! You’re calling me! Yeah, right, Ross. Ask a hard head […]

How to be a Labor saviour

Christian Kerr writes:Jul 14, 2005

So you want to save the ALP? Easy. Choose a safe seat. It doesn’t matter if the sitting MP has won a few times and has some support from the locals, even if the caucus doesn’t see them as frontbench material. Maybe join the party, but don’t worry about working in associated organisations or the […]

Political bite-sized meaty chunks

CrikeyJul 14, 2005

Christian Kerr writes: Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone will speak for as long as it takes when the Palmer Report is released today, according to her spokesperson. When I wrote her speeches, I calculated that she spoke about 150 words a minute. That means saying “I’m sorry, I’ve failed, I resign” would take 2.4 seconds. So […]

Wayne Swan: Labor should dodge the culture war

Crikey psephologist Charles Richardson writes:Jul 14, 2005

Today might be Bastille Day, but it also seems to be Wayne Swan Day in this morning’s papers. The Australian has a remarkable puff piece by Ross Fitzgerald (here) extolling Swan as “one of only two or three potential leaders of the Labor Party in federal parliament.” And in The Age we can read the […]