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The real story behind Knowledge Nation

CrikeyOct 28, 2004

As the Labor recriminations continue to flow, more leaks are emerging from insider the bunker and this is a good one by a well placed Labor heavy:

Christian Kerr on Labor's future

CrikeyOct 27, 2004

Christian has his finger on the pulse of the Labor party and while it may be a bit limp at the moment, he predicts that with the right team their future may be looking up.

The turmoil inside Mark Latham's office

CrikeyOct 25, 2004

The Latham campaign was a mess internally, as our well placed Labor insider explains.

Boilermaker Bill's Macquarie St musings

CrikeyOct 22, 2004

Boilermaker Bill McKell returns from the Wombat Trail battered, bruised and bemused to observe the goings on at Macquarie Street.

Management theory for Dilbert

CrikeyOct 18, 2004

Christian Kerr has some frank advice for Mark Latham if he wants to make it to The Lodge in 2007.

Antony Green on Senate latest

CrikeyOct 15, 2004

Never in the course of political reporting have so many column inches been filled on the basis of so little information as has been the case over the last week in the conduct of the Senate count. Speculation has run rife on all sorts of mad theories about who will get up in each state. Let’s cut through some of the rubbish published this week to set out the facts of what is going on.

Analysing the informal vote

CrikeyOct 12, 2004

An analysis of the informal vote around the country using the figures published in The Sunday Age:

Richardson on the Senate majority

CrikeyOct 12, 2004

The wholly grail of Senate control is close for the Coalition and the complicated voting scenario in Queensland is at the heart of it, as Charles Richardson explains.

Campaign to reform the ALP

CrikeyOct 12, 2004

Like many others I am pissed off with the election. However, like many other former ALP people I am even more pissed off with the ALP and its policies, candidates, and its organisation in general. The factional warlords and union hacks have too much control over the party that many of others still want to believe in.

Richardson's predictions reflections

CrikeyOct 12, 2004

You can check out Charles Richardson's original election predictions here and the following is his post mortem of his predictions and the final result:

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