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Ben Oquist boxes on

Veteran Crikey emailer and long-standing Bob Brown mouthpiece Ben Oquist writes:Apr 8, 2005

Dear Crikey, Christian Kerr is really making himself look silly with his incessant anti-Greens hysteria. Christian is well aware that proportional representat

Queensland corruption fighting gets all matey

Christian Kerr writes:Apr 8, 2005

It’s not online, alas, but News Limited vet Madonna King had an important piece on Queensland sleaze in The Courier Mail last Saturday – and once again it looks like

Weekend weddings

Republican royal watcher Barry Everingham writes:Apr 8, 2005

It’s not everyday that a fifty-something divorcee gets the Queen of England as a mother-in-law, and Camilla is making sure she’ll look the part as Charles – her lover for almost 30 years – makes an honest woman of her.

Charles Richardson's UK election preview

Crikey's psephologist, Charles Richardson, will be in England for the UK election on 5 May. Here he sets the scene:Apr 8, 2005

British elections are fascinating territory for psephologists. Analysing them is much more complicated than in Australia, for at least three reasons: there are far more seats; the first

Why proportional representation suits the Greens

Christian Kerr writes:Apr 7, 2005

There were mixed messages from Bob Brown adviser Ben Oquist in his letter to The Australian yesterday. Oquist – whose letter didn’t mention his job – talked about the inequ

Steve Bracks’s farce trains

Christian Kerr writes:Apr 7, 2005

Victorian public transport advocates say Labor Premier Steve Bracks is spending $200 million to save less than one minute’s travel time on one of his flagship Regional Fast Rail Pr

Your taxes at work – on the treadmill

Criket political correspondent Christian Kerr writes:Apr 7, 2005

Physics isn’t my strong point, but I’ll try to explain the concept of friction without sounding too much like Cher from Clueless. Friction, like, concerns moving objects and

Bricks and mortar, dollars and cents, facts and figures

Crikey political correspondent Christian Kerr writes:Apr 7, 2005

Interest rates stayed static yesterday, but in a rare break with etiquette two Reserve Bank Board members have indicated that inflation may force the Bank to push rates higher – possi

Sightings (not)

Christian Kerr writes:Apr 7, 2005

Where’s Mark Latham? Reading to kids? Acapulco? Or out in the park with his boys, teaching them to hate? Three months ago he was the alternative prime minister. Today it s

Christian Kerr to open The Consulting Room

CrikeyApr 7, 2005

Next week, Crikey plans to start a new regular segment – The Consulting Room – which will give Crikey readers the opportunity to ask Christian Kerr questions about politics a

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