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Adelaide announcer stays on air for Natasha

CrikeyOct 29, 2000

We've caught the Senator for Fashionable Causes, Natasha Spot Destroyer, trying to turn a committed staff member into an independent ABC broadcaster for a few weeks and we want some answers fast.

Buffy's ballsups, Wooldridge's credit card and poor Peter Wreath

CrikeyOct 15, 2000

Hillary Bray, Crikey's Liberal insider, has produced her usual dose of great insider gossip. Suck it and see for yourself.

The many ways of throwing David Oldfield out of One Nation

CrikeyOct 15, 2000

Hillary has attracted all sorts with her Pauline Hanson competition and also demonstrated that we've attracted a few loony readers ourselves.

Let's All Be Propagandists For Bob Carr And Ignore The Cost Of The Games

CrikeySep 10, 2000

The Labor spin doctors have successfully hoodwinked the mainstream Australian press about the true cost of the games, which is now likely to come in at $2-3 billion, well above the $1.5 billion claimed by Bob Carr two weeks back.

Labor Using Global Stage For PC Messages

CrikeySep 10, 2000

The Opening Ceremony was a wonderful tribute to Australia brilliantly put together by Ric Birch but don't overlook the powerful political messages that it contained.

Bring on the Royal Commission into WA Finance Broker's Scandal

CrikeySep 10, 2000

The Ministers are running a mile in Western Australia whilst $250 million has been lost by a bunch of dodgy finance brokers. Is anyone in the Court government going to take responsibility for this outrage.

Crikey Reveals Olympic Plans: We Reject Request To Be Government Propogandist

CrikeySep 3, 2000

Bob Carr's appalling interview on Sunday yesterday has sparked us into action over the Olympics. Today we reveal a few home truths and also some of the things Crikey has in mind for the games.

Court Government Imploding As West Wrestles With What To Do

CrikeyAug 27, 2000

The West Australian hit back with three great front pages last week on the explosive finance brokers scandal which threatens to bring down the Court Government. And Crikey's many spies in The West kept feeding us great stuff.

Contain The Ratbags At WEF

CrikeyAug 13, 2000

Contain the ratbags at the World Economic Forum in Melbourne in mid-September says Crikey's Frieda Trade, a keen supporter of globalisation.

Hillary Bray - Luv A Duck

CrikeyJul 9, 2000

Wanna be liberals, secret Queensland liberal business, the new bloody Tax system and much, much more from Hillary Bray, Crikey's man/woman on the inside .

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