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NGSM students left in the lurch

The Vice Chancellor of the National Graduate School of Management (NGSM is part of ANU in Canberra) circulated a message to all students yesterday, which suggests all is not well in the
pper echelons of
the school's management. The email reads as follows:
Mar 2, 2005

Dear NGSM Students The Vice Chancellor has asked that the following message be circulated to all students. Tuesday, March 01,

All Banks are Bastards

A subscriber writes:Mar 2, 2005

When working in a marketing support role in one of the big banks a few years ago, I heard a senior-ish marketing guy grumble, “How much more research do we need to do before we unders

Ross Gittins explains bank business

By Don BoredWalkMar 2, 2005

Of all the newspaper business columnists in Australia three stand out at the moment. Alan Kohler for his twice weekly efforts in the Fairfax press, Michael West in The Weekend Austra

Peter Wilson loves Lynton Crosby

A Labor-leaning journalist writes:Mar 2, 2005

Wasn't it amazing that The Australian's Peter Wilson can churn through 1,235 words of puffery on that gentle genius Lynton Crosby without mentioning "asylum seekers".

It's a tough life for NRL coaches

By Outside CentreMar 2, 2005

What's the toughest job around? Maybe Leader of the Opposition? Try being a football coach. If Mark Latham, or Colin Barnett, or even Simon Crean, are looking for an

Pemberton Strong on the money

A former Qantas executive writes:Mar 1, 2005

Crikey, Pemberton Strong's article on Qantas yesterday once again raises some very interesting points which others fear to raise.The Boston Consulting Group (who have conser

How long before a new government?

CrikeyFeb 28, 2005

Is Australia headed for a record period without a change of government at state, territory or federal level?

Owen Outsider: whither state politics?

CrikeyFeb 28, 2005

The WA elections has seen state Liberals fail once again, but what can be done to break the cycle? Owen Outside has a few suggestions:

Boilermaker Bill's Macquarie St musings

CrikeyFeb 27, 2005

Another great column on NSW politics from Boilermaker Bill McKell, a stage name adopted by a serious Macquarie Street insider who remains as mysterious to us as he or she is to you.

Rob Borbidge for Gold Coast mayor?

CrikeyFeb 26, 2005

If you think the old white shoes network of influence pedaling and helping your mates on the Gold Coast is dead – think again!

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