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Who else will call it for Labor?

CrikeyOct 1, 2004

Mark Latham is in front but how many political experts are prepared to call it with a few key campaigning days still to go.

JF Smith: Fear and loathing in SA

CrikeySep 29, 2004

Fear is abroad in political camps in South Australia at the moment, especially within the minor parties holding senate seats. City lawyer, Richard Armour, running a campaign almost ex

Latham's pitch for the greys

CrikeySep 29, 2004

It's make or break time and Mark Latham appears to have performed well at the belated official Labor Party campaign launch in Brisbane.

Making sense of the polls

CrikeySep 28, 2004

Fearless Crikey forges ahead, publishing the lastest poll figures first (but only for our select subscribers). See how Crikey made sense of the polls in our subscriber only emails here:

Exclusive: Howard and Latham talk to Crikey

CrikeySep 28, 2004

The Crikey subscription list, as readers know, is 24 carat stuff - so it should come as no surprise that just a fortnight out from the big day the two leaders have chosen this website as a platform for some special statements. Read on for Crikey's greatest hits - for blooper tapes at least.

The drunken sailor cranks it up

CrikeySep 27, 2004

Crikey's editor did his bit to help fill the seats at the Brisbane Town Hall for the Liberal Party campaign launch. Here's what he made of the event:

The Family First files

CrikeySep 27, 2004

All the Family First observations as they appeared in the subscriber only emails, wrapped up together on the site:

Energex and the culture of intimidation

CrikeySep 24, 2004

How's your conscience, Mr Beattie?

Charles Richardson on the Senate

CrikeySep 24, 2004

Crikey psephologist Charles Richardson has been studying all the polls and preference deals for the Senate and has produced some firm predictions on how the state's house will look after October 9. See the completed series below, including his final national Senate predictions:

Energex - which story is right?

CrikeySep 22, 2004

There are more questions than answers after the tragic suicide of Energex boss Greg Maddock last Friday and both The Courier Mail and the Beattie Government have some explaining to do, as Christian Kerr explains.

https://www.crikey.com.au/2004/09/22/energex-which-story-is-right/ == https://www.crikey.com.au/free-trial/==https://www.crikey.com.au/subscribe/

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