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Tebbutt, Marrickville, super and bruising by-elections

Crikey September 14, 2005

New NSW Premier Morris Iemma faces his first big political test on the weekend with by-elections in the seats of Macquarie Fields, Maroubra and Marrickville. All three are safe Labor seats and the Liberal Party is only contesting Macquarie Fields. Their recent leadership dramas are making Macquarie Fields – the scene of street clashes between […]

WIP Howard’s old hat terrorist legislation

Crikey September 13, 2005

Once upon a time in Australia the government of the day initiated general legislation and the bureaucracy worked out the details and created structures for implementation – ask any of the really old hands around Canberra. Things stared to change after Whitlam was elected and gradually governments took over the minutia – today this is […]

The great tax argy-bargy

Crikey September 13, 2005

There’s been more great tax argy-bargy in the papers this week. Ross Gittins kicked it off in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday with his “no-bulldust case for cutting top tax rate” – with suggestions like aligning the corporate, personal and capital gains tax rates, eliminating negative gearing and removing work related tax deduction. He referred […]

New blood for Queensland Libs. Not.

Crikey September 13, 2005

The Queensland Liberals are getting a transfusion of new blood. Not. Former Senator, one time “Minister for Coal” and flatmate to one J Howard Warwick Parer looks set to be elected unopposed to replace new state MP Michael Caltabiano as state party president. Parer is 70, has had little involvement with the party since he […]

The Scott Parkin case: did ASIO act alone?

Crikey September 13, 2005

The arrest and imminent deportation of US activist Scott Parkin marks a long-awaited turning point in the crackdown on dissent in Australia, with the powers of ASIO and other organisations being turned on green and anti-corporate activists. Seasoned ASIOlogists are currently having a keen argument about whether the detention of Parkin has been ordered by […]

If Opus Dei is mainstream, why is it so secretive?

Crikey September 13, 2005

Miranda Devine raised eyebrows last week when she referred to Opus Dei as a “mainstream Catholic movement.” Kate Mannix from Online Catholics fires back today. If Opus Dei is mainstream, why is it so secretive? she wants to know. Mannix complains about “the lack of candour” shown by prominent people with Opus Dei associations. “This […]

Malcolm Turnbull: Advertisements for myself

Crikey September 13, 2005

Here’s a correction from today’s Oz. That’s a pity – but the weekend yarn, complete with pics (see below) was still fun. “Malcolm Turnbull has been unmasked as a former archivist of the student union battles that shaped our leaders,” Samantha Maiden wrote. During his law school days, Turnbull also worked as a journo for […]

Craig Emerson is on the warpath

Crikey September 13, 2005

Not to be missed in this morning’s Australian is an op-ed piece by Labor MP Craig Emerson under the arresting title “John Howard is a socialist.” The headline may be a sub-editor’s work, but the article lives up to its promise. Emerson pulls no punches: “Only John Howard could deliver the socialist dream: a welfare […]

Privatising Japan’s post office

Crikey September 13, 2005

As a long term Japan resident (as a company director) I read with interest Charles Richardson’s article titled “Japan shows the way of privatisation.” The official vote tallies are not out yet, however Japanese language media has been continuing to report figures similar to the earlier reports which were translated and published in the NYT. […]

Natasha kicks it to the boys

Crikey September 12, 2005

It may have escaped the attention of much of the media, but a feisty speech given by Natasha Stott-Despoja in the Senate last week has certainly got people talking. Minor chaos broke out in the Upper House last Thursday when Democrats leader Lyn Allison introduced an amendment to a motion supporting women’s rights to sexual […]